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Golden Clover

What could be luckier than playing a game on a four leaf clover? Play this roulette style game, with a pinch of Irish style luck and you could win big! Place bets on single numbers, odd/even, colours or individual clovers. The combinations are nearly limitless.


Welcome to Golden Clover

Will Golden Clover bring you luck? Golden Clover payouts have changed. Win more with maximum winnings increased to £/€42,000.

List of Features:

  • Available to play 24x7, 7 days a week.
  • Multiple betting options.
  • No waiting for games to start.
  • No special sign up required, use your regular Paddy Power account.

How to Play

  • Select your stake – click on a chip and drag it onto the board on the left.
  • Place bets – by moving the mouse pointer over a number or zone you are interested in on the betting board. The particular bet will illuminate showing the odds on that bet. To place the bet, click on it. Each consecutive click increases the bet in increments of the chip value selected; e.g. 3 clicks in total, 5+5+5 = £15 bet.
  • Place many different bets - It is possible to place multiple bets in one game or to place a chip in between 2, 3 or 4 adjacent numbers.

Additional Features:

  • Clicking CLEAR ALL removes the chips.
  • Clicking REBET will repeat the last games bet/s.
  • Clicking DRAW HISTORY shows the last few numbers drawn.

The long-term, average expected RTP % is 95.00%.

System malfunction voids all plays.