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Chain Reactors

Chain Reactors is a manic symbol matching game where lining up consecutive reactors sets off HUGE reactions. The more reactions you cause, the more space you have to fill with even MORE reactors which causes even MORE reactions, meaning more CASH PRIZES! It's mental reaction action!



"great game"


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Welcome to Chain Reactors
Chain Reactors is a crazy new game where you are paid out for chains of animated matching symbols. The symbols explode and tumble down to make room for more! Payouts vary between symbols and the larger the chain, the bigger the payout.

There are also 3 progressive jackpots to be won! 

List of Features

  • Multiple Jackpots to be won
  • No waiting for games to start
  • Amazing graphics and sounds!
  • No special sign up required, you can use your regular Paddy Power account
  • Available to play 24x7

How To Play

The payouts for achieving chains of different size and symbols are shown in the left of the game screen. A chain is any combination of 5 or more matching symbols adjacent either horizontally or vertically. Matching symbols that are adjacent diagonally will not chain together.

Select your Stake - Enter your stake using the up and down arrows.

Click the BET button -When you are happy with your stake, hit the BET button to begin.

Symbols will fall from the top of the screen and settle in 5 rows each with 5 symbols. Where a chain occurs the symbols will react and explode, disappearing from the screen. Existing symbols and new symbols will fall to take their place. Reactions will continue automatically until no more chains occur.

Auto Play
Auto play is a convenient way to play without having to click the BET button to start each game. Each play starts automatically until something occurs that requires your intervention or the number of spins set expiries or you decide to stop auto play.

To activate auto play, click the Auto Play button and selct the number of plays (3, 5, 10) from the pop-up. Auto plays will commence and the number of auto plays counts down and is displayed on the button. Click the same Auto Play button to stop auto play.

Pay Outs
You are paid out for each chain that occurs. A chain must include a minimum of 5 matching symbols but bigger chains are possible and payouts increase with the number of symbols in a chain. Payouts vary per symbol. These are displayed in the left of the screen. Your accumulated winnings are automatically added to your account.

Within Chain Reactors there are 3 different progressive jackpots to be won. Jackpots are won for achieving a chain with a particular symbol – Goldie. The mini jackpot is paid for a 5-symbol chain, the midi for 6 symbols and the maxi for matching 7 symbols or more. The current level for each jackpot is shown in the top left of the game screen. You need to stake a minimum of €1.00/£1.00 to enter the jackpot game.

Other information

  • The long term expected Return to Player percentage for this game is 94.88%
  • System malfunction voids all plays.