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Playing the Lottery is good and all, but with Lotta Lotto you can play the Lottery the way you want to. You can draw any time you like, you can place several bets on the one draw (there's over 150 different bet types). You can even store your favourite bets and use them over and over again.


Welcome to Lotta-Lotto

A lottery game with a lotta more chances to win!

List of Features:

  • Wager on over 153 different bets!
  • Place several bets in the one game.
  • No waiting for the draw, spin the drum when you are ready.
  • Find them fast with the option to store your favourite bets.
  • View your betting history.
  • Insurance Option.
  • Available to play 24x7, 7 days a week.
  • No Special sign up required, use your regular Paddy Power account.

How to Play

To display all the available bets click on ‘Advanced’ below the Jackpot total. Roll your mouse over the bet types to display a brief explanation of the bet. Click on the desired bet type to display the list of bets within that type. The list will appear in the top left table of the screen. Roll over the different bets for an explanation which will be displayed in the box below the list.

  • Select your bets - click the bet that you would like to place. If the bet requires you to select a number of balls you can either do this manually or click the ‘AUTO’ button.
  • Select your stake - you can do this by either using the +/- buttons or typing in a stake. If you would like the bet to be repeated over a number of draws use the ‘Repeats’ section.The maximum bet for this game is €/£1,000.
  • Submit your bet - click on Confirm to submit the bet. The bet will then be displayed in the current bets tab. You can select as many different bets as from as many sections as you like for the same draw.

Submitting Bets

Once you have placed all your different bets, click on the submit bets button to begin the draw.

Editing a Bet

If you have would like to edit a bet that you have submitted double click on the bet in the current bets tab. This will then bring you back to the bet slip stage and allows you to resubmit your bet. To deselect a ball click on it again, to deselect all balls click 'Clear'at the bottom of the balls. If you wish the game to randomly select your balls click the 'Auto' button and the game will choose your number for you.

Delete a Bet

In the current bets tab click on the X to the right of the appropriate bet to delete it.

Favourite Bets

Bets must be in the current bets tab or the history tab to be added to your favourite bets. Click on the star to the left of the bet and this will be added to your favourite bets. The Favourites tab is in the top table, this will display all your favourite bets.

To Delete a selection, click the Red 'x' button to the right of the game.


Insurance can be taken out on all options except Jackpot, Easy Money, Perms and Picks.  The Insurance option allows the player to safeguard their stake, in the event of one of their picked balls coming up in the lottery.  When this happens the insurance allows their full stake to be refunded.  Players must be aware that when taking out insurance, their payout will be slightly decreased.  For example, the mixer tab:when betting on two of each colour, the payout is 6.5 without insurance and 5 with insurance.

Types of Balls







The jackpot available is shown on the top right of the game. The jackpot value is not affected by your stake. It is a static figure as set by the operator.


There are a total of 48 balls within the game.


By clicking the history tab you will be able to see all of your previously placed bets, use the stroller on the right to see previous bets. You are also able to repeat a previously placed bet, by clicking the bet you wish to place again it will bring the selection up in the bet selection window.

The theoretical return to player percentage for this game is between 56.98% and 97.55% for different bet types.