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Asian Riches

Asian Riches is a Eastern Inspired slot with a wicked Golden Lion Bonus Round, a re-spin feature and a 2x multiplier!

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Asian Riches 

Simple Instructions

  • Select the amount you want to stake using the + and – buttons next to the Total Stake box.
  • Press Spin to spin the reels.
  • The “Paytable” page provides information on the prizes and special features.


How To Play

  • Pressing the “Spin” button will spin the reels.
  • The reels will spin and stop on a random position.
  • Any three connecting matching symbols pay a win.  The paytable specifies the amount won for each symbol and amount of symbols in the win.
  • All winning combinations will be highlighted and your winnings will be credited to your account balance.


Re-Spin Feature

  • All wins trigger a re-spin for a chance to connect more symbols.  The current win remains in place while the remaining tiles spin.
  • Re-spins continue for as long as new symbols are connected to the win, and end when no additional symbols are added.


2x Multiplier

  • The 2x multiplier symbol is randomly assigned to the reels and doubles all wins it touches.
  • It stays on the reels until it increases a win.
  • Changing stake will remove the multiplier.


Golden Lions Bonus

  • If three of more BONUS symbols appear on the reels the Golden Lion Bonus round is won.
  • If one or more bonus symbols appear alongside a winning combination, the bonus symbols hold during re-spins for a chance to win the bonus.
  • The ghostly flame moves around the board landing on random multipliers, which multiply the win.
  • If the flame lands on the lion’s head symbol the player gets to choose one of the three Golden Lions to win a prize, a prize and another go or ‘Double all’ (which doubles all multipliers on the board).
  • The bonus game continues until the flame lands on the ‘collect’ symbol.



  • By selecting “Auto” you can choose to place different amount of sequential bets at the stake value selected.
  • You can stop “Auto” at any time by clicking the “Stop” button (which replaces the “Auto” button when in Auto Play mode).  Auto Play can also be stopped using the keyboard spacebar.


Other Information

  • System Malfunction voids all plays.
  • The RTP for Asian Riches is 94.25%.