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Sphinx Gold

In Greek and Egyptian tradition, the Sphinx has the haunches of a lion, the wings of a great bird, and the face of a woman. She is mythicised as treacherous and merciless. Those who cannot answer her riddle suffer a terrible fate, as they are killed and eaten by this ravenous monster. With Paddy Power however, the Sphinx is a brand new EXCLUSIVE slot game!!



"Really liked it. "

JL, Otley

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Sphinx Gold


Game Details




Slot type

5 reels, 3 rows



Number of bonus rounds


Instant Win bonus





Select the amount you want to stake and use “Spin” button to spin the reels.

The reels will spin and stop on a random position. If the combination of symbols appearing on the reels forms a sufficient line of matching symbols on one of the win lines, you win the amount specified on the paytable.

The winning lines will be highlighted and your winnings will be credited to your account balance.

This game gives you the ability to place sequential bets at the stake value selected without pressing the SPIN button. This Autoplay feature can be stopped at any time. Autoplay will also stop if you win a feature (bonus or free spins).

System malfunction voids all plays and all void stakes are refunded.



Win up to 500x your total stake!

Papyrus Bonus: Pick a papyrus and win Big prizes!

3x or more Lucky Tile symbols anywhere on reels trigger Lucky Tile Bonus. Progress through 14 bonus multipliers.

When 3x or more Instant Win symbols land, pick your win!


Ceiling Jackpot

4% of 'Real Play' stake contributes to the game Jackpot when it is active. Any player can win the Jackpot at random, with chances increasing with the stake and the current value of the jackpot. In case of technical problems leading to jackpot discontinuation, the jackpot value is preserved and is restored once the jackpot is reactivated.