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Cash Drop

Cash Drop is a new type of casino game where you bet on the outcome of 18 spinning hexagons. Match up five and you'll get a payout! When you match them up, the hexagons disappear and new hexagons drop into the vacant spaces with new symbol/colour combinations, putting you in a great position to win multiple times!



"Great game with regular payouts"

CH, High Wycombe

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Cash Drop Help File

Information & Game Rules


Cash Drop is a game where you bet on the random outcome of 18 spinning hexagons. Each hexagon:


–      contains a fruit machine symbol (one of nine symbols, including cherries, grapes, lemons etc.)

–      in one of three colours (red, blue or yellow).


You qualify for a payout if you get:


–      three or more matching and consecutive symbols, from left to right.

–      five matching hexagon colours (from left to right) on a winning line causing a 'reaction'. These hexagons disappear and new hexagons drop into the vacant spaces with new symbol/colour combinations, which may qualify for yet another payout.

–      Every time a reaction occurs, the cash pot increases, meaning you could win bigger payouts! Also, Cash Drop offers Jackpot prizes!



–      Your winnings will be credited to your account immediately.

–      You will lose your stake amount if you have insufficient matching symbols or less than five matching coloured hexagons.

–      In the event of a non-responsive or problem during a draw then the game will repeat the incomplete draw and display the result of the spin, any bonus game or Jackpot result to the player when the game is next launched. The same action takes place when the game become non-responsive or a problem happens during a bonus stage.


What are the winning lines?

A win line is a line of symbols that MAY contain a winning combination when the hexagons stop spinning. A win line must contain a minimum of three consecutive symbols (appearing from left to right) for any payout to be made. Also, five matching coloured hexagons on a win line qualify for a payout.


The 20 win line combinations for Cash Drop are:


Each win line is represented by a numbered (and coloured) Indicator button, displayed on either side of the game. Tap on the coloured hexagons on the side of the playing field to reveal the specific win lines. Also, tap the Paytable button to display a summary of all 20 win lines. All win lines are active for each play.

Setting your stake amount

Tap the < or > buttons of the Stake/Line panel to select the stake amount per win line.

Starting the game

When you have selected a stake it is time to play. To start Cash Drop tap the PLAY button.


Auto Play

The game operator may have enabled auto play functionality, if this is the case the following section applies.


Auto play is a convenient way to play without having to tap the PLAY button to start each game. Each play starts automatically until the number of spins set expiries or you decide to stop auto play.

Auto Play Controls


Select the Autoplay button to display Auto Play Controls which the player can use to modify the number of plays, set a loss limit or set a win limit. When the number of plays and a loss limit has been set the player can select "Start Autoplay" When auto play is on, the "play" button will be labelled as "Stop". The player can cancel any remaining auto plays by clicking the "Stop" button. After the last auto spin has been exhausted, or any of the limits set is reached, the player can click "Autoplay" to reopen the Auto Play Controls.


If five matching coloured hexagons (regardless of the symbol) appear consecutive and left to right on a win line, a reaction occurs. These hexagons react (disappear) and new hexagons drop into the vacant spaces with new symbols/coloured combinations, which may qualify for more payouts. Each reaction has a payout of x2 the stake.


Multiple reactions occur simultaneously. Each reaction is paid x2 the stake per line. It is possible for the same hexagon to be involved in more than one reaction.

Win Line Multiplier


After a reaction, the cash pot accumulates and the Win Line Multiplier increases by 1. Any symbol wins in the draw area after the hexagons have been replaced from the reaction will now pay x2. Previous wins not disturbed by the reactions will also pay x2. When there are multiple win lines in a draw the game presents each win line individually and breaks down the amount won for each win line.


If more reactions occur after the symbols have been replaced from a reaction, the hexagons involved in the reactions are replaced and the Win Line Multiplier increases again by 1. All subsequent wins then pay x3 and so on.


A Jackpot consists of a fixed minimum amount of money (the seed) that increases by a percentage of incoming stake amounts. When the Jackpot is won the prize fund is reset to its seed amount and the process starts again.



Three or more Jackpot symbols appearing anywhere in the game qualifies for one of the three jackpot prizes.


The prize amount for each Jackpot (Maxi, Midi and Mini) depends upon the number of Jackpot symbols appearing in the win line within a cluster.


–      Maxi: 5 Jackpot symbols

–      Midi: 4 Jackpot symbols

–      Mini: 3 Jackpot symbols


Important points to note about Jackpots:


Jackpots are available for the Real play version of Cash Drop only.

The minimum seed amount for the Jackpot depends upon the minimum stake amount that is set by the site operator.

The seeds (or starting values for the respective Jackpots) are: Mini= £10.00, Midi= £400.00, Max= £12,000.00.

Winning a Jackpot neither contributes to, nor is affected by the daily cumulative winnings limit.

If the players stake is greater or equal to a minimum stake of £0.20 then the following contributions will be taken from the stake and added to the Jackpot Mini=1.0%, Midi=1.0%, Maxi=1.0%

Contributions to the Jackpot come solely from the operator and are not taken from any bets placed by the player.

It is not possible for two players to simultaneously win the Jackpot. The Jackpot is locked when it is being won. This means that no other bets will be accepted for it and only one player at a time is able to win it.

Each Jackpot prize (Mini, Midi and Maxi) pays out once only per play. Any further 'wins' of that Jackpot will not award a prize.

When two or more players appear to simultaneously trigger the jackpot, the first player will be awarded the jackpot and the others will receive a message warning them that the jackpot was won by other player. The current play is cancelled and the player will have the opportunity to play again after being informed of the new jackpot values.

The operator holds the right to discontinue or terminate a game. They may also cancel or withdraw the Jackpot at any time. The user is informed ahead of time about a planned termination of a Jackpot, such as a promotional Jackpot offered for a limited period of time.

All contributions to a Jackpot are restored on the reloading of a game if there is a planned or unplanned termination.


General information

  • ·  The outcome of each spin is entirely random
  • This game has a maximum Return to Player of 95.16% when playing with or exceeding the minimum qualifying stake of £0.20.
  • The game has a minimum Return to Player of 93.49% when not qualifying for the jackpot
  • System malfunction voids all pays and all plays.
  • Unresolved placed bets that remain undecided in incomplete games will become void after 90 days and will be forfeited to charity.
  • Maximum capped payout at £250,000.00.
  • This game has a maximum consecutive drop limit of 100 drops, after reaching 100 drops the current game in progress will end.

    System malfunction voids all pays.

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