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Chain Reactors 100

So you've played Chain Reactors but that wasn't enough for you. You need more reactors, more reactions and a bigger playing field to win HUGE cash prizes. We've got it for you with Chain Reactors 100 which offers 10 times the usual amount of reactors and reactions! Jump in now and you could be reacting your way to the massive progressive jackpot on offer!


Chain Reactors 100 Help File


Information & Game Rules

Place your bet, wait for the symbols to drop and watch out for that winning combination! But wait a minute, it doesn't end there. Symbols keep dropping until you stop winning and don't forget that jackpot prizes could be coming your way!



Your winnings will be credited to your account immediately.

You will lose your stake amount if you have insufficient winning symbols.

Setting your stake amount

Click the up or down arrow buttons in the STAKE box. Each click either increases or decreases your stake amount.

Starting the game

When you have selected a stake it is time to play. To start Chain Reactors 100 click the BET button. Symbols will then start dropping.

How do you win?

When the symbol drop is complete, several things may happen.

To win you must match six, or more, consecutive symbols connected either horizontally or vertically. Six, or more, consecutive symbols connected either horizontally or vertically is known as a cluster. It is possible to get more than one cluster in a single game and payouts increase depending on the number of matching symbols you have. Also, the symbols have different payout values.

When the symbol drop stops, any wins will be highlighted. After a short period all symbols associated with a win will disappear, allowing symbols above to fall into the vacant spaces, potentially creating more wins from a single play.

For example:





Eight matching symbols.

Symbols then disappear,
creating vacant spaces.

Symbols above drop into 
the vacant spaces.

Further symbols then drop 
into the new vacant spaces.

If more wins occur as a result of newly descended symbols, the above sequence is repeated. This process continues until your winning streak ends.

Any winnings are displayed on the right-hand side of the game window, above the BET button. Win amounts will be added automatically to your balance.

Examples of winning clusters

(Vertically and/or horizontally connected icons)




Examples that are NOT clusters:

(Diagonally connected icons)



Payouts and paytable

A minimum of six consecutive symbols (either vertically or horizontally) is required to win a cash prize.

The Chain Reactors 100 Payouts (or paytable) window can be seen at the left-hand side of the game window. Payouts, per symbol, ascend in value depending on how many consecutive symbols there are. Payouts, per symbol, are displayed continuously in a cycle. Click the Pause button to stop the payout display cycle. Click the Pause button again to scroll through each of the symbols.


Above the Payouts window is the Jackpots window. It displays the details for the progressive jackpots (in real play only).

What is a progressive?

A progressive is a jackpot that accumulates value, or progresses, as the game continues. A jackpot consists of a fixed minimum amount of money that increases by a percentage of incoming stake amounts.

The jackpot symbol is linked to three progressives; Mini, Midi and Maxi. An amount for each is displayed above the Payouts window. Which jackpot is won depends upon the number of jackpot symbols appearing in the win line. If you have insufficient jackpot symbols in a cluster to win the jackpot, the cluster simply reacts (disappears).


When the jackpot is won the prize fund is reset to its minimum amount and the process starts again.


Important points to note about jackpots:


–      Jackpots are available for the real play version of Chain Reactors 100 only.

–      A minimum stake amount of 1 is required to qualify for inclusion in a jackpot game.

–      The minimum seed amount for the progressive jackpot depends upon the minimum stake amount that is set by the site operator.

–      The seeds (or starting values for the respective jackpots) are: Mini=100, Midi=500, Max=5,000.

–      If the players stake is greater or equal to the minimum qualifying stake, then the operator contributes the following percentages of the total stake value to each jackpot: Mini=1.0%, Midi=1.0%, Maxi=1.0%

–      Winning a progressive jackpot neither contributes to, nor is affected by the daily cumulative winnings limit.

–      Contributions to the jackpot come solely from the operator and are not taken from any bets placed by the player.

–      The game will not award 2 of the same jackpots in a single spin; any further triggering of the jackpot will generate a reaction but not a prize.

–      It is not possible for two players to simultaneously win the jackpot. The jackpot is locked when it is being won. This means that no other bets will be accepted for it and only one player at a time is able to win it.

–      When two or more players appear to simultaneously trigger the jackpot, the first player will be awarded the jackpot and the others will receive a message warning them that the jackpot was won by other player. The current play is cancelled and the player will have the opportunity to play again after being informed of the new jackpot values.

–      In the event of equipment failure or planned/unplanned terminations, progressive jackpot parameters (including jackpot values and incremental percentages) are fully restored with identical parameters, after re-start.

–      To qualify for the progressive jackpot you must have a minimum stake of 1.00 per line


General information

This game has a Return to Player of 95.87%. If a player does not qualify for the jackpot their RTP will be 89.59%

"?" button in game will open this helptext file, the speaker button will enable or disable sound.

Unresolved bets placed but remaining undecided in incomplete games will become void after 90 days and will be forfeited to charity.

In the event that a game cannot be continued due to an IGS action, all bets should be returned to the customers of that game.


System malfunction voids all pays.

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