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Jeopardy is – and has been – one of the most popular television shows ever created.

If you’ve always wanted to play the game and haven’t gotten the chance to

participate until now, you should checkout online Jeopardy


Online Jeopardy is a virtual slot game that has a lot of fun and unique features, including

a Rich! Round and an exciting WILD symbol that offers players the chance to multiply their

prize money.

Online Jeopardy is easy to master. Virtual Jeopardy features nine betting lines,

and players have the option of betting between one and five credits per line. Once

you place your bets, simply click the “Play” button to spin the reels and win! Virtual

Jeopardy offers players a few chances to win bonus prizes. If the reels reveal three

Jeopardy Bonus symbols, you get the chance to choose your bonus prize amount

from a selection of 30 Jeopardy screens. If you reveal the Daily Double symbol

during the bonus round, your bonus prize is automatically doubled.

During Final Jeopardy, television players have the chance to bet their winnings in

order to risk it all or win big. You can decide to participate in Final Jeopardy or take

your money and run. If you do decide to play, you will make your final bet and select

your response to the online clue. Unlike television Jeopardy, virtual Jeopardy does

not require you to memorize trivia or answer complex questions. Simply make your

bet and select “Play” and your virtual answer is automatically registered. If you win

in the Final Jeopardy round, your prize is added to your bankroll. You can then decide

to cash out or play again.


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Play X-Factor!

FREE £/€2 when you play £/€2!

Or try the game for free!