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American Roulette

Play American Roulette on your mobile!


How to Play

You must have an iPhone, iPod Touch or Ipad to play this game. To start playing, visit on your browser.  This will bring you to the homepage screen with our selection of games. You can register or login to your account on the top right hand corner of the web app. Once you’re logged in, you’re ready to start playing.

American Roulette

Paddy Power is proud to offer our players the most exciting casino game ever - American Roulette.

Place your chips on single numbers, splits (two numbers), corners (four numbers) as well as alleys, and all the classic outside bets (red, black, odds, evens, dozens). Win up to 36 times your stake on a single number bet. Paddy Power Roulette has been refined over the last three years to improve playability, making it intuitive and easy to understand.

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Other information

  • The long term expected Return to Player percentage for this game is 94.47%
  • System malfunction voids all plays.