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French Roulette

Don't wait for the dealer! Spin at your own leisure with our own exclusive French Roulette game. With features such as the La Partage rule and the ability to autoplay for 100 spins, you are sure to enjoy the experience.

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List of Features: 


Multiple betting options available.
No waiting for croupier, spin when you are ready!
Available to play 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
No special sign up required, user your regular Paddy Power account.


How to Play:


Select your stake - move the mouse pointer over the chips on the right of the screen.
Place your bet - Move the mouse pointer over a betting field you are interested in on the table. The selection will be highlighted and the corresponding payouts will be shown. To place the bet click on it. Each consecutive click increases the bet in increments of the chip value selected, e.g. 3 clicks in total, 5+5+5 = £15 bet.
Spin the wheel - When happy with your bets, click 'SPIN' to spin the wheel.


Additional Features of French Roulette: 


La Partage rule - 50% money back on all 1:1 bets if the ball lands on zero.
Fast play
DIfferent table colors
Autoplay for up to 100 spins


Buttons and actions:


Clicking REBET will repeat the last game's bets.
Clicking UNDO clears the last action
Clicking CLEAR clears all actions
Clicking DOUBLE will double the player's stake.
Fast play options: REBET & SPIN and DOUBLE & SPIN buttons are available, to speed up gameplay.


The long-term, average expected RTP % is 97.30%.

System malfunction voids all plays.


Note: The RTP% for this game was updated from 97.31% to 97.30% on Oct 28th 2015.