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7 Dwarfs' Diamonds

Ah Snow White... she was up there with Betty Rubble, Jessica Rabbit and that bunny from the Cadbury's Caramel ads in a list of cartoon characters who make our pulses race. Was fancying cartoon characters a bit weird? It definitely was if you were like that guy in our school who fancied one of the Care Bears. Think he's in jail now...

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7 Dwarf’s Diamonds


Simple Instructions


  • Select the amount you want to stake using the STAKE UP and STAKE DOWN buttons.
  • Select the number of lines you want to play using the SELECT LINES button, or play all 20 Lines by clicking the SELECT 20 LINES button.
  • Press “Play” to play.
  • The Paytable page provides information on the prizes and bonus games.


How To Play


  • Pressing the “Play” button will start the game.
  • The reels will spin and stop on a random position.
  • If the combination of symbols appearing on the reels forms a sufficient line of matching symbols on one of the win lines, you win the amount specified on the paytable.
  • The winning lines will be highlighted and your winnings will be credited to your account balance.


Free Spins


  • If 3 Free Spins symbols appear anywhere on the reels the Free Spins bonus starts.
  • Player has to choose one green apple which will determine the number of free spins from 1 to 8 and after that the red apple multiplies those numbers from 1 to 4
  • Additional free spins may be won in the game.
  • The Free Spins will play out automatically - you do not need to press 'Play'.



Diamond Mine Loot Bonus


  • If 3X Snow White symbols on the reels triggers the bonus
  • The player must choose and click on a dwarf
  • When clicked, the dwarf will begin to drop gems. Every gem is with different price and every gem’s prize is added to the player’s balance
  • The game stops when the dwarf don’t have more gems





  • By selecting 'AutoPlay' you can choose to place different amount of sequential bets at the stake value selected.
  • You can stop Auto Play at any time by clicking the 'Cancel' button (which is in the 'Auto Play' menu when in Auto Play mode).
  • Auto Play will stop if you are awarded the Bonus, if free spins are triggered, or if your account balance is insufficient to place the next bet.


Other Information


  • System Malfunction voids all plays.
  • The RTP for 7 Dwarf’s Diamonds is 90.81%.

Note: The RTP for this game was updated to 90.81% from 90.99% on October 14th 2015.