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Big 7

Big 7 is a simple one-line slot with a nostalgic and a traditional slot machine feel. the name Big 7 is derived from the fact that there is a 3-symbol deep lucky 7 symbol on each of the three reels, that can reward you the player 50x your stake if all three symbols land! Any 3 partial Big 7 symbols will award you 25x your stake!!

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Big 7


Simple Instructions

  • Select the amount you want to stake using the STAKE button.
  • Press Spin to spin the reels.
  • The “View Pays” page provides information on the prizes and special features.


How To Play

  • Pressing the “Spin” button will spin the reels.
  • The reels will spin and stop on a random position.
  • If the combination of symbols appearing on the reels forms a sufficient line of matching symbols on the only winning line, you win the amount specified on the “View Pays”.
  • The winning line will be highlighted and your winnings will be credited to your account balance.


Hold Feature

  • Hold Buttons are situated below each one of the three reels
  • When pressing the Hold Button the reel will lock for the next spins
  • The Hold button is changed to “Release” if a reel is previously held
  • The player cannot hold reels again if the previous spin was a winning one
  • The player cannot change his stake if there is reel in Hold position, but he will lose all Held Reels


Nudge Feature:

  • Randomly the player may receive a nudgeif no reels are held
  • The nudge moves the reel one position downwards
  • The player can receive from 1 to 3 nudges. The Total Nudges are shown on the right part of the screen
  • The Hold buttons will be changed to “Nudge Down”
  • An arrow will appear over one of the Nudge Down buttons to suggest the player which button to be pressed.
  • The game returns to normal state when all the available nudges are used.
  • Player cannot press Spin button during nudge


Other Information

  • System Malfunction voids all plays.
  • The RTP for Big 7 is 96.63%.