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Don's Millions

There's a lot going down in this Mafia-themed slot with a 1920's gangster vibe. Help the Don rob Joe's Garage, the Bank and the Grocery Store for some explosive free spins that will reward you nicely. The Don might even thank you himself with a multiplier of his own!

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Don’s Millions


Simple Instructions

  • Select the amount you want to stake using the “TOTAL STAKE” + or - buttons.
  • Press “Spin” to spin the reels.
  • The “Paytable” page provides information on the prizes and special features.


How To Play

  • Pressing the “Spin” button will spin the reels.
  • The reels will spin and stop on a random position.
  • If the combination of symbols appearing on the reels forms a sufficient line of matching symbols on one of the win lines, you win the amount specified on the paytable.
  • The winning lines will be highlighted and your winnings will be credited to your account balance.


Secret Multiplier

  • Triggers after 6 consecutive losing spins
  • After 6 consecutive losing spins, every next losing spins gives higher multiplier which will affect the next winning
  • The multipliers are: 2X , 5X , 10X , 15X and 20X
  • If the player change his stake between losing spins he will lose his current multiplier


Free Spins

  • 3X Scatters on the reels triggers Free Spin
  • The player receives from 10 to 17 free spins
  • When the free spin starts the player has an option to choose from 3 different types of Free Spins


Free Spins Bonuses:

  • Free Spin  1: Joe’s Garage


  • When starting this Free Spin a shotgun will be presented
  • The player does not have control over the Shotgun
  • The shotgun is presented during every spin and shoot the tiles
  • Before each spin the shotgun shots from 2 to 5 tiles and makes them WILD until the next spin


  • Free Spins 2: The Bank


  • During this Bonus the Spin button is changed to Fire
  • There are three dynamites placed below the reels connected with fuses which ends to the Fire button
  • The player presses the Fire button in order to ignite the fuse
  • When fired, the ignited fuse goes to the dynamites and if it reaches the dynamite the reel on top if it will turns into Wild
  • No more than 2 dynamites can blow


  • Free Spins 3: The Grocery Store


  • When starting this Free Spin a Tommy Gun will be presented
  • The player does not have control over the Tommy Gun
  • The Tommy Gun is presented during every spin and shoot one tile which stays Locked during the whole Free Spin
  • The Tommy Gun does not appear on every spin
  • The Tommy Gun can make from 4 to 6 tiles into Wilds


Don’s Multiplier 

  • At the end of the Free Spins there is a 50/50 percent of reaching the Don’s Room
  • After a short movie the don can multiply your winnings by 2X or 3X



  • By selecting “Auto Play” you can choose to place different amount of sequential bets at the stake value selected.
  • You can stop “Auto Play” at any time by clicking the “Stop Auto” button (which replaces the “Auto Play” button when in Auto Play mode).  “Auto Play” can also be stopped using the keyboard spacebar button.
  • The Until Bonus function Auto Plays the reels until there is a bonus.
  • Auto Play will stop if you are with free spins, or if your account balance is insufficient to place the next bet.


Other Information 

  • System Malfunction voids all plays.
  • The RTP for Don’s Millions is 95.92%.

NOTE: The RTP for this game was updated to 95.92% from 96.31% on October 14th 2015.