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Sparkling Jackpot

Paddy Power Games brings you Sparkling Jackpot! The game features a Magic Gem bonus round where a gem will randomly clone itself, Random Gem Grabs, instant wins and a chance to win up to 1,000 X your stake! 

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Game Details



Slot type

7 reels, 7 rows

Payout type

Connected symbols

Instant Wins


Jackpot Prize


Number of Random Bonus




Select the amount you want to stake and use “Spin” button to spin the reels.

The reels will spin and stop on a random position. Any 5 or more identical connected symbols on the screen is a winning grab (touching corners do not count as connected symbols). You win the amount specified on the paytable. Symbol wins are multiplied by the total stake. The winning combination of symbols on the reels will be highlighted and removed, allowing symbols above to fall into the vacant spaces, potentially creating more wins. If more wins occur the described sequence is repeated. If no more wins occur your total number of winnings will be credited to your account balance.

This game gives you the ability to place sequential bets at the stake value selected without pressing the SPIN button. This Autoplay feature can be stopped at any time.

System malfunction voids all plays and all void stakes are refunded.




At random intervals an individual gem clones itself. It converts all the gems on its row and column for a nice extra win.


At random intervals all identical gems on the screen will be grabbed and summed as if they were not disparately placed. The results can be explosive!


Consecutive wins grant you progress on the Instant Win ladder. Four consecutive wins pay 2x your total stake. Seven consecutive wins award 25x! Get to 10 consecutive wins and you win 100x! Hit 12 consecutive wins for the 1000x SPARKLING JACKPOT!