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Took's Timber

BEAR with us here folks, we've been saving up a FOREST full of puns for this moment. Took's Timber is a BERRY good slot game, with TREE jackpot bonus rounds. Ok, ok, we'll stop. Don't look at us like that.


It’s Beaver Time

Welcome back to the ‘Wood’! Took’s Timber is all about hanging out and partying with your pals Took, Jeb and Pepe and a crazy cast of hilarious creatures all focused on one thing...non-stop fruity fun!

Chock full of incredible features and surprising side-games; Took’s Timber is innovative and immersive from the first spin. Our 25-line tree trunk reels sensationally spin sideways, triggering dozens of entertaining  comic animations.

Activate our exclusive ‘Superbet’ feature  and you’ll get Jeb the Bear juggling 2 side-games at once! Collect red berries to play the exclusive ‘Bingoberry’ side game that pays out extra fruity rewards such as multipliers and free spins! Get the berries in certain Bingo patterns and you’ll be in fruit heaven!

Ever seen a beaver climb a tree? You will, because in order to reach the ‘Berry Bash’ bonus round, Took needs to gather the Purple Berries that will open payout paradise that plays out in the treetops!

The best is yet to come! Based on the classic ‘breakout’ casual game, the bonus round requires you to smash a wall of funky fruit to reveal all the goodies available to win! Watch out for whammies on the way! You have never seen a bonus round that guarantees a different experience each time!

Endless engrossing scatters, wilds and reel combinations will keep you entertained and enjoying every moment of their new-found friends’ wild adventures.

To round-off the party – we’ve got 3 massive tiered Jackpot bounties triggered by unlocking the Picnic Basket patterns.

Life ain’t bad, when you’re a beaver…or a bear…or a mole


  • Select wager Value: Select a wager value using the Coin Value selection area in the bottom left hand corner of the game window. Click the ‘-‘ or ‘+’ buttons to increase or decrease the wager amounts per payline up or down. The wager value will change accordingly.
  • ‘ONE COIN’ button: Click ‘One Coin’ to increase the ‘coin value’ per payline. For example: The minimum wagerable amount is 1 cent (or currency equivalent) for 1 payline. So by clicking 1x coin (‘One Coin’) across all paylines, the player is wagering 1x24c. Clicking the button again, doubles the wagered amount. Minimum ‘coins’ per line is 1x, Maximum is 5x. 
  • ‘MAX BET' button: The Max Bet button places maximum bet values per line without activating the side game. (ie. 5x). 
  • ‘SUPER BET’ button: The Super Bet button places maximum bet values per line and also activates the Side Game. Clicking Super Bet adds the equivalent of 24 extra coins to the wager.
  • ‘SPIN’ button: Clicking Spin initiates a single reel spin at the selected wager. For example: ‘One Coin’, ‘Max Bet’ or ‘Super Bet’.
  • ‘AUTO SPIN’ Button: Clicking Auto Spin opens a tray allowing the user to select a set series of auto spins between 5 and 100. Upon clicking the desired series, the slot will automatically start the spin sequences. This sequence will end automatically after the chosen number of spins have been completed, the bonus round is reached, available funds have run out or the game is closed. Once in play, Auto Spin can be stopped by pressing the ‘Cancel’ button in the interface.  


  • ‘BingoBerry Sidegame’: Playing Super Bet triggers the in-play Side Game feature. Get the ‘Bingoberry’ icon in the reels to dab the Bingo card indicator field to the right of the reel window. The indicator field will reveal prizes in the form of multipliers (1x, 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x, 10x, 15x, 20x, 25x, 30x, and 50x the per line bet) or 1 to 5 Free Spins. An indicator field will open up and count down the Free Spins.  Free Spins resolve automatically without player intervention.
  • ‘Berry Bash’ Bonus Game: Get the ‘Bonusberry’’ bonus icon(s) to help Took the beaver climb his berry ladder on the left side of the screen. Once 5 berry steps have been reached, players will automatically be sent to the ‘Berry Bash’ bonus game with guaranteed payouts. Aim: Click on and hold the available berry launcher to aim and launch one of the 5 available Berry Balls to break through the wall of fruit. The user can also influence the direction of the ball by manipulating the bumper at the base of the game by moving their mouse up and down across the game interface once a ball has been launched, This will tilt the bumper to the left or right according to the direction of the mouse. Each bashed berry pays out. Watch out, as there are also whammy berries. Each time a whammy berry is hit, a new ‘Berry Ball’ needs to be launched using the launcher until either all berries have been destroyed or 5 whammy berries have been hit. The bonus round guarantees a payout.
  • Jackpots: There are three available Jackpots, the Standard Jackpot, Mega Jackpot and Super Jackpot. The Standard Jackpot is won by completing 5 Wild icons on a single line. The Mega and Super Jackpots are won by completing special reel patterns using the Jackpot Pattern icons. See the Paytable for more details. The Jackpots are only available to be won when playing Max Bet or SuperBet.
  • Wilds: The Took icon is wild with the spinning signs
  • Scatters: The Moley scatter pays when two or more appear anywhere in the reels.


  • Payline coin selection: Rather than using the ‘ONE COIN’ or ‘MAX BET’ functionality on the control panel, players can customise their preferred reels by choosing and clicking on individual payline numbers in the game window to increase the ‘coin’ values (0 to 5) per payline.
  • Payline pattern: The main reel interface allows the user to identify any one of the individual payline patterns by rolling over any of the 24 payline numbers to the side of the interface.

Paytable: See in-game paytable for more details.

Game information

  • System malfunction voids all plays.
  • Return to player percentage for this game is 93.9258%
  • Return to player playing with Max Bet is 93.9275%.