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Wheel of Fortune Hollywood

Spin the most famous wheel in game show history! Wheel of Fortune® Hollywood is the 5-reel multicoin game that lets you earn the chance to spin the Bonus Wheel and collect Hollywood-sized riches! Accumulate a huge jackpot, then try to avoid the bankrupt slice when you spin the Bonus Wheel to collect.


How To Play


  1. Your entire balance and free bets as shown in the top bar will be converted to credits upon launching this game.

Changing Credit Value

  1. Click on the ‘Credit Value’ button on the top bar to change the credit value.
  2. Select the credit value you wish to purchase – the game will reload with your new credit value.
  3. The value will be displayed in the ‘Credit Value’ button on the top bar.

Cashing Out

  1. When you exit a game, your funds are immediately saved, transferred and returned to your games/sportsbook balance.
  2. If you wish to withdraw funds while in a game, go to Options and click the Buyin/Cashout button.

How To Wager
Wheel of Fortune Hollywood has 5 paylines. You can bet 1-9 credits on each payline.

Click the 1 Per Line button to bet 1 credit on all 5 paylines.
Click the 2 Per Line button to bet 2 credits on all 5 paylines.
Click the 3 Per Line button to bet 3 credits on all 5 paylines.
Click the 5 Per Line button to bet 5 credits on all 5 paylines.
Click the 7 Per Line button to bet 7 credits on all 5 paylines.

Click the Bet Max button to bet the maximum, which is 9 credits on each payline. If you have fewer than 45 credits, Bet Max will bet all of your remaining credits.

Click the Play button to spin the reels.

If you do not want to bet on all 5 paylines, you can click the coloured button to the left of the payline on which you want to bet. You can adjust your bet on any of the paylines by continuing to click this button until you reach your desired wager amount.

Bonus Jackpot
In the upper left corner of the play-field, there are three Bonus Jackpot Accumulators, each displaying a Bonus Jackpot award amount. Each time a Bonus Jackpot Symbol appears anywhere on the reels, the number of credits displayed on the symbol are added to the Bonus Jackpot Accumulator of the same colour as the symbol. The Bonus Jackpot awards can only be won in the Wheel Bonus.

The credit value of each Bonus Jackpot Symbol is based on your total bet. The yellow and orange Bonus Jackpot Symbols add the same number of credits as your total bet. The red Bonus Jackpot Symbol adds twice as many credits as your total bet.

When you earn the Wheel Bonus, you will be able to spin the wheel for a chance to win one of the accumulated Bonus Jackpot awards. The Bonus Wheel has a colour coded Jackpot slice for each Bonus Jackpot.

When you return to the 5-reel game after playing the Wheel Bonus, all of your Bonus Jackpot Accumulators are reset. The Bonus Jackpot Accumulators reset whether or not you won a Jackpot Accumulator award during the Wheel Bonus. The Bonus Jackpot reset values are based on the number of credits you bet on the payline that got you into the Wheel Bonus.

The first time you play Wheel of Fortune, the yellow, orange, and red Jackpot Accumulators will be set to 50, 75 and 100, respectively. If the payline that first activates the Wheel Bonus has more than 1 credit wagered on it, additional credits will be added to the Jackpot Accumulator. This one-time boost corrects the original reset amount to be commensurate with your bonus-winning wager.

Wheel Bonus
Earn the Wheel Bonus by getting the Bonus symbol on reels 1, 2, and 3 on a wagered payline. After you reach the Wheel Bonus, click the Spin button to spin the wheel and earn a bonus award. After your spin, four slices (including your last winning slice) are replaced with a Bankrupt slice. Then you have a choice: take your win, or spin again for a chance to win more. If you click the Take Win button, you are taken back to the main game.

By clicking Spin Again, you get a chance to add to your bonus winnings by landing on another Award or Jackpot slice. On the other hand, if you land on a Bankrupt slice, you lose your bonus winnings. Landing on a Bankrupt slice will end your bonus round, but you won't go away empty handed; you earn a consolation award that you can optionally parlay on the Double or Nothing Wheel.

Note that the Wheel Bonus has a completely fair wheel. There are 72 pegs on the Wheel, and you have a 1 in 72 chance of landing between any two pegs with every spin of the wheel.

Double or Nothing Wheel
If you land on a Bankrupt slice in the Wheel Bonus, you earn a consolation award and are taken to the Double or Nothing Wheel. You can choose to take your consolation award or choose to risk it and spin the Double or Nothing wheel. If you spin the wheel and land on a Double slice, your consolation award is doubled. If you spin the wheel and land on a Bankrupt slice, you lose all of your winnings, and you are taken back to the main game without winning any bonus award.

You may continue to play Double or Nothing until you click Take Win, until you lose by landing on Bankrupt, or until you reach the maximum number of Double or Nothing spins, which is 5.

The Double or Nothing Wheel is a completely fair wheel - you have a 50:50 chance of landing on either a Double or Bankrupt slice with every spin.


  • Malfunction voids all pays and play.
  • All payline wins occur on wagered lines only.
  • Only highest winner paid on each payline.
  • Only one award paid per payline.
  • Coinciding wins on different paylines are added.
  • Awards are shown in credits.
  • You can spin up to six times in the Wheel Bonus.
  • You can spin up to five times on the Double or Nothing Wheel.

Additional Information

  • The Game Console provides information and access to additional features:
  • Your current balance in your chosen currency
  • Your total number of credits
  • The denomination in which the game is being played. This represents the value of each credit.
  • The Meter Bar on the bottom of the game screen displays the denomination in which the game is being played, the number of credits paid if a win occurred, and the number of credits bet on the last/current proposition.

The maximum payout for this game is £250,000/€375,000. The long-term, average expected RTP % is 87.5% - 95% based on strategy.