99.31% RTP

Blackjack Premium W/ Side Bets

Blackjack Premium With Side Bets Table Game Details

Get involved with one of the most historic casino table games in Cayetano Gaming's Blackjack Premium, complete with side bets. This video Blackjack Premium game covers both Perfect Pair and 21+3 side bets that can expand your payout possibilities during every game against the dealer's cards.

Players of Blackjack Premium will also be able to take insurance during any hand where the automated dealer has an ace upcard. Splitting - when your first two cards are the same - is permitted, while you can also double down whenever your first two cards value nine, ten, or 11.

Blackjack Premium With Side Bets options

The main buttons you need to worry about when playing Blackjack Premium are the green 'Hit' button and the blue 'Stand' button. The smaller grey 'Double' button can be used if you wish to double your stake and receive one additional card.

Features and How to Play Blackjack Premium With Side Bets

  • Start playing from just one credit per game
  • Classic blackjack rules
  • Perfect Pair and 21+3 side bets
  • Game provider: Cayetano Gaming

The key to winning a game of Blackjack Premium is to beat the dealer's hand. You need to have a hand worth 21 or less. You can continue to 'hit' and take more cards until you are satisfied with your current total, in which case you will 'stand'.

If the dealer's first two cards are valued at less than 17 they will draw at least one more card until their hand equals 17 or higher. If they draw a card that puts their hand value over 21, their hand busts. If your hand is the same value as the dealer's, the game is a 'push' and your initial stake is void and refunded to your balance.

There are two fun side bets you can try to add an extra dimension to your blackjack action:

  • Perfect Pair This assesses your hand's first two cards. If you have two cards of the same number and suit it is a 'Perfect Pair'.  
  • 21+3 This bet includes the dealer's upcard and your first two cards. You could win a payout if the cards give you a particular poker hand.

Blackjack Premium With Side Bets RTP

Blackjack Premium is an eight-deck video blackjack game but despite that the RTP is a solid 99.31% based on basic playing strategy.

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