99.31% RTP

Blackjack Cashout

Step on up to Paddy Power’s Cash Out Blackjack table, where you decide when to take your winnings.

Cash Blackjack plays through the motions of a regular game of blackjack. The aim is to get to the value of 21 with your cards or as close as possible, without going bust while beating the dealer. The table pays two to one, and you can play up to three hands per game.

Once you receive your first two cards, you can Hit, Stand, Split, or Insurance. You also get the opportunity to cash out. If you’re opening cards are particularly good, you can cash out for profit on your initial bet. If they’re not so good, you can still cash out but for less than your bet so that you don’t leave empty-handed.

See if you can beat the dealer in Cash Out Blackjack today!

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