94.85% RTP

Great Gems

There are few things more valuable on this planet than precious gems, and there are plenty of them in Cayetano's Great Gems slot game, which has a maximum win of 8,100x your bet value.

With a large number of pay lines available, this slot game has a similar feel to the popular Starburst slot game, with several themed symbols that include:

  • Blue Triangle
  • Green Rectangle
  • Yellow Diamond
  • Pink Gem
  • Orange Gem
  • Blue Gem
  • Encased Blue Triangle
  • Encased Green Rectangle
  • Encased Yellow Diamond
  • Purple Gem
  • Great Gem
  • Diamond (Wild)

Great Gems game features

There are two main features in the Great Gems slot game, with one being Senior Reels. This allows for up to seven of the lower value paying gems to be excluded, which can improve the chance of winning on that spin.

The second main feature is called the Extender, which sees a chance for them to extend across the reels at random. There is even a chance for the Great Gem to cover all the reels to trigger the game's maximum payout. The Great Gem could activate this feature at any time because at least one appears on each spin.

How to play Great Gems

Great Gems is an easy game to learn to play where you need to match three or more symbols across the five reels. Symbols can appear on any of the four rows, with all consecutive appearances in each reel from left to right starting at the leftmost reel triggering wins. In total, this means there are 1,024 different pay lines. Wilds substitute for all other paying symbols.

Great Gems FAQ

How many win lines are there on the Great Gems slot?

There are 1,024 ways to win.

What is the theme of Great Gems?

The theme of this game is based on gemstones, using classic symbols and gameplay.