94.34% - 96.69% RTP

Side Bet City

Side Bet City Game Details

Take a trip back in time to the 1980s with Evolution Gaming's neon-drenched Side Bet City table game. Designed as a clever variant of the traditional card game of poker, this hectic alternative is exciting and heart-pounding in equal measure.

In other poker variants like Ultimate Texas Hold'em and Casino Hold'em, players are given the freedom to make side bets alongside their wager on the game's main hand. However, Side Bet City makes these side bets the focal point of the action.

Side Bet City Cards

During a hand of Side Bet City, any cards from a standard 52-card deck can be used. Up to seven cards from the deck will be needed in a single game, depending on how you bet. You can choose to bet on the initial three-card hand, a five-card hand including the next two cards, or a seven-card hand including all seven community cards dealt on the table.

Features and How to Play Side Bet City

  • Start betting from only one credit per hand
  • 1980s-themed live dealer studio
  • Bet on winning 3-Card, 5-Card, and 7-Card hands
  • RTP: 94.34%-96.69%
  • Game provider: Evolution Gaming

At the start of a new game in Side Bet City, you are given 15 seconds to decide whether you wish to bet on a winning three-card hand, five-card hand, or seven-card hand. You can also choose to bet on the 'All Lose' option.

First, the dealer deals the first three community cards on the table face-up to the camera. If you bet on a winning three-card hand, you'll need at least a pair to win your bet.

The dealer will then deal the next two community cards. This determines the result of the five-card hand. If you bet on a winning five-card hand, you'll need at least a pair of Jacks or better to win your bet.

Finally, the dealer will deal the final two community cards. This determines the result of the seven-card hand. If you bet on a winning seven-card hand, you'll need at least three of a kind to win your bet.

If you choose to bet on the 'All Lose' option, you'll win your bet providing the three, five and seven-card hands all lose.

Side Bet City RTP

  • Three-card hand - 96.69%
  • Five-card hand: 95.21%
  • Seven-card hand: 94.34%
  • All Lose: 96.29%

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Side Bet City FAQ


Side Bet City was developed by Evolution.


Side Bet City is one of the Card Table themed games offered by Paddy Power.

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