80% RTP

The Goonies Scratchcard

The Goonies Scratchcard Game Details

Re-live the memorable adventures of this group of buddies as you search for the hidden keys that lead you to the famous hidden treasure. This is an enjoyable Blueprint Gaming scratchcard that gives you three ways of winning and a cool bonus game!

The Goonies – Symbols

  • The screen is split into three sections.
  • The first game is Mystery Win, where you scratch symbols off a map.
  • The second panel is called One Eyed Willy's Treasure, with three spots on another map to clear.
  • Finally, Fratelli Hideout gives you a third chance to win.
  •  Three keys are shown in the middle of the screen, lighting up as you find each one.
  • At the bottom of the screen is a wheel with the titles of each of the individual games.

Features and How to Play The Goonies

There are three different games on this card. You need to choose your stake first of all, and then start scratching off each of the panels to see if you win. If you want quicker results then choosing “show all” will reveal all of the hidden symbols right away.

In Mystery Win, you need to match two amounts to win that figure. With One Eyed Willy's Treasure, find a skull to win the prize amount listed next to it. In Fratelli Hideout, you aim to beat the Fratellis' score to earn the amount stated.

Get three hidden keys to enter the bonus round. This is where you spin the wheel to find out if you win a cash multiplier or else get the bonus related to one of the three games.  If you get more than three keys, the wheel is upgraded.

The Goonies RTP

Are you going to find the hidden treasure and return home safely with the loot? The RTP on The Goonies is 96%. Get ready to join the gang and try scratching your way to some great moments!