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When the original game of Monopoly was manufactured in 1935, the Parker Brothers had little idea what was to come.

When the original game of Monopoly was manufactured in 1935, the Parker Brothers had little idea what was to come. From that early creation, an international franchise was born. Today, thanks to Evolution Gaming, this board-based classic has been given a casino twist for your gaming pleasure.

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MONOPOLY Live Casino Game Info:

  • Fixed prizes and bonus multipliers
  • Live dealer game
  • Play from as little as 0.10 coins
  • Software Provider: Evolution Gaming 


MONOPOLY Live Casino Symbols

Perhaps the biggest triumph of Monopoly Live is the way it combines live casino action with augmented reality. Before you can take a trip around the famous board, you’ll watch as our experienced hosts spin the prize wheel.


The Monopoly Wheel is the basis of your gameplay in Monopoly Live. Instead of being played out in the classic board game format, you must spin the wheel and correctly predict which segment the wheel will land on. Your live casino host will spin the Monopoly Wheel once all bets are placed for the next game. Aside from winning instant payouts, you can also land on segments that will enter you into a bonus game which is based more accurately on the iconic board game version. More on that shortly.

Bet sizes

A quick glance in the Monopoly Live help section reveals that the minimum and maximum bet sizes are 0.10 credits and 5,000 credits respectively. Of course, you can bet any size in between the minimum and maximum too, depending on the size of your bankroll. At Paddy Power, we all want betting and gaming to be fun and to ensure you feel in control of how you play. What we don’t want, is for betting or gaming to cause harm, so when the fun stops, STOP.

Chance segments

There are two yellow ‘Chance’ segments located on the Monopoly wheel. Whenever you land on one of these, Mr. Monopoly himself will appear in augmented reality. He will show you your Chance card, which will either be an instant cash prize or a multiplier bonus. Both outcomes are determined entirely at random.

Bonus game

If you wish to enter the virtual bonus round, you must bet on 2x Rolls or 4x Rolls. If the wheel lands on either of these segments, you’ll enter a 3D virtual world with Mr. Monopoly and a virtual version of the Monopoly board game layout. You’ll discover all the main features from the board game for two or four rolls of the dice. Mr. Monopoly will move his way around the board, encountering Chance and Community Chest cards, houses, hotels and even penalties like Super Tax and entering Jail.

Payouts & Volatility

Landing on the following segments of the Monopoly Wheel will earn you the following payouts: 1 Bill = 1x multiplier, 2 Bill = 2x multiplier, 5 Bill = 5x multiplier, 10 Bill = 10x multiplier. The multipliers in the Bonus Game are determined entirely at random. They will increase the further you go around the 3D Monopoly board. They are also influenced by the value of the streets and the number of houses and hotels each street has.



Features and How to Play MONOPOLY on a Live Casino

To play Monopoly Live, you’ll need to bet at least 0.10 coins. If you do that and your number rolls in, you’ll win. However, if you place your bet on the “2 Rolls” or “4 rolls” options and one of these spins in, you’ll get to play the bonus round.  

When the mini-game is activated, an RNG will roll two dice. If the “2 rolls” segment started the round, there will be a total of two rolls. If it was the “4 rolls segment”, you’ll get four rolls. If a double is rolled at any point, you’ll receive an extra turn.

Much like the board game on which it’s based, Monopoly Live features streets with differing values. In this game, the values are prize multipliers. As you move around the board, you’ll pick up multipliers wherever Mr. Monopoly stops. At the end of the round, the multipliers will be combined with your stake to determine your bonus prize. 




The maximum Monopoly Live RTP is 96.23%. This percentage includes all possible fixed wins and bonuses. As a mix of live and virtual action, Monopoly Live is a truly unique casino game that offers so much more than prize money!

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How is Live Monopoly different than regular MONOPOLY?

The main difference between Live Monopoly and the classic Monopoly board game is that the main game is played out on a wheel rather than a board game. The super-sized, mounted Monopoly Live wheel contains dozens of segments of varying bill sizes. Your primary job is to correctly predict the next winning segment that the arrow lands on.


What is the point of the game MONOPOLY?

The original Monopoly board game requires players to buy and sell properties and enhance their property portfolio by building houses and hotels on their land. Players earn money when their competitors land on their properties, with the last property magnate standing deemed the winner.


How do you bet on MONOPOLY Live?

It’s very easy to place bets on a roll of the Monopoly Live game wheel. Once the game screen has loaded and the studio is streaming to you, you’ll see all available coins at the bottom of the screen. You can drag and drop your chosen coins onto the segments that you think could win – from 1 Bill and 2 Bill to 5 Bill and 10 Bill. You can also bet on ‘2 Rolls’ or ‘4 Rolls’ which give you entry to the 3D bonus game whenever it lands on the wheel.


How does a Live MONOPOLY board look like?

If you enter the Monopoly Live bonus board, you’ll see Mr. Monopoly declare “let’s do some building!” This will apply multipliers, houses and hotels randomly to all properties around the virtual Monopoly Live board – which is modelled exactly like the classic board game. You’ll then follow Mr. Monopoly around the board for your allotted rolls of the dice, accruing multipliers as you go.


What are the best colours in the Live MONOPOLY game?

On the Monopoly Live game wheel, the most valuable segments to land on are the blue 10 Bill segments. These are worth 10x multipliers whenever you land on them. In the virtual Monopoly Live bonus board, the best colours to land on are the royal blue properties – Mayfair and Park Lane. As with the classic board game, these two properties contain the highest possible bonus multipliers.


Can I play Live MONOPOLY for free?

Unfortunately, not. As with most live dealer casino games, Monopoly Live is exclusively a real-money game. However, with minimum bets starting from just 0.10 credits per spin, you can start playing Live Monopoly real money spins and get to grips with the game dynamics for small amounts.


Which MONOPOLY casino game is the best?

In our humble opinion, we love all the Monopoly casino games available here at Paddy Power Games. Monopoly Live is considered one of the most successful live dealer games of all time, so it’s one that comes highly recommended. Although we don’t have a Monopoly Live slot in our portfolio of games, we do have the Monopoly Megaways slot. Powered by Big Time Gaming, this brings a contemporary twist on the classic franchise, with multiple ways to win and futuristic bonus features.


Can I play Live MONOPOLY on my phone?

Monopoly Live is compatible with any smartphone or tablet device. You can either download the Paddy Power Games app on iOS or Android or play Monopoly Live directly through the mobile version of our website. As it is designed and built by award-winning studio Evolution Gaming you can be sure it is fully responsive, resizing all bet functions to cater for your specific screen size.


Is it safe to play MONOPOLY Live online?

If you want peace of mind over the fairness and transparency of Monopoly Live online, you’ll be pleased to know we can reiterate that it’s safe and secure to play. The game is supplied by Evolution Gaming, who are regulated and licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) just like us. While the results on the Monopoly Wheel are determined at random by the gameshow host’s spins, the multipliers on the 3D Monopoly Live bonus board are also decided by a decentralised random number generator (RNG).

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Monopoly Live was developed by Evolution.


Monopoly Live is one of the TV Show themed games offered by Paddy Power.