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Slingo Games - Real Money Play at Paddy Power

What are Slingo games?

Slingo games were created in the mid-1990s and they bring together bingo and online game mechanics.


Slingo Games at Online Casinos

Slingo originally got its big break online at AOL, but the game has become a huge draw at online casinos.


Slingo’s Popularity in the UK and Ireland

Slingo games may have been invented in the US, but they have enjoyed global success. Here at Paddy Power, we’re proud to offer a host of exciting Slingo casino experiences to our members in the UK and Ireland.

Play Slingo Games Online

But what can you expect from our range of Slingo games? From exciting themes to fascinating features, there is plenty to enjoy when you play Slingo games online.


Slingo Games for Beginners and Advanced Players

Whether you’re experienced or new to online casinos, Slingo games can offer plenty of excitement. When you try our Slingo casino games, you will discover how they feature straightforward gameplay that anyone can enjoy.


Play Slingo Games for Free With Our Demo Versions

If you want to practice playing Slingo, why not try our Slingo games for free? Demos allow you to sample the action before you start playing for real.


Play Slingo Games for Real Money at Paddy Power

Once you’re ready, you can get the reels in a spin for real money. Slingo games can offer many ways to win, so prepare for plenty of action.


How to Play Slingo

We can’t tell you how to win at Slingo, but we can outline the basics of play. Here are a few pointers.


Slingo Reels

Slingo games usually feature a 5x5 grid of numbers, with a row of reels positioned underneath. The aim? To check if any of the numbers on the reel match those on the grid.


Slingo Games RTP

The RTP relates to the payout that a game is expected to provide over a period of time. As with online games, the level of Slingo RTP can vary depending on the game you go for.


Slingo Jokers & Wild Cards

Slingo might be a numbers game, but there is more to the reels than identifying digits. Slingo games tend to feature other symbols too, with many making use of the Joker. This symbol is essentially a Wild, as players can mark off any number on the column where it appears.


Slingo Paylines & Points

Certain features in Slingo games may vary, but many titles give you a specific number of spins to clear your grid. You may also get points for different things you do in the game, such as when you complete a line.


Slingo Symbols

No list of Slingo tips would be complete without a rundown of the symbols to look out for in the game. The most important ones include:


Joker: This allows you to clear any number on the associated column.


Super Joker: Use this to get rid of any number on the entire grid.


Free Spin: This awards you a free spin of the reels.


Coin: You could get an instant money prize with this.


Devil: The bad egg – as it blocks you from clearing numbers.


Scoring in Slingo Games

Spin the reels and earn points for taking significant actions during your Slingo game. These may vary depending on the game, so it is worth familiarising yourself with the rules before playing.


Slingo Bonuses

When you play in our Slingo casino online, you may be able to enjoy a Slingo bonus or promotion from time to time. Look out for the latest Slingo bonus offers and how they could boost your experience.


Slingo Special Features

One of the best things about Slingo games is that they all have their own style and special features. This means each experience feels both fresh and exciting.


Slingo Free Spins

There is nothing like getting free spins and you can enjoy the same thrill when you play Slingo games. Our bonuses might give you free chances to play, while you could also earn extra spins in the games as well.


Types of Slingo Casino Games

Slingo games come in all shapes and sizes and here are just a few issues to bear in mind when playing.


Slingo Games

Slingo games could be called ‘Slingo Classic’, as they offer all the standard features you would expect from such titles.


Slingo Jackpots

Just like slots, some Slingo games may give you a chance to scoop a major jackpot.


Game Themes

Many different themes are used in Slingo games. Some are based on TV shows, while others even look to history for inspiration. Quite frankly, Slingo offers something for everyone.


The Slingo Casino Games to Look Out For

Discover more about some of the best Slingo games you can enjoy at Paddy Power today.


Slingo Extreme

Players get 11 spins to complete as many slingos as possible. This Slingo game features 12 different win lines in total.


Slingo Berserk

Inspired by the Vikings, this wild Slingo game really embraces the theme. Viking helmets award free spins, while Thor’s hammer is the wild symbol.


Rainbow Riches Slingo

The famous brand has been reborn in Slingo. The title includes seven different bonus rounds that offer a range of rewards.


Deal or No Deal Slingo

Experience the iconic TV show with this Slingo game. Get four slingos and you have the chance to receive an offer from the Banker.


Can You Play Slingo at Online Casinos?

Yes, you can. Here at Paddy Power, our Slingo casino offering features a range of top titles with plenty of exciting features.


How Can I Receive Slingo Bonuses?

Some Slingo games offer bonuses like free spins within their gameplay, while our own promotions may include some special deals.


What are Slingo Arcade Games?

These are an exciting new genre of Slingo and can be found in a special category page on our site.


Who are Slingo Originals?

Slingo Originals describe themselves as an exclusive provider of mobile-focussed games. The company specialises in creating content based on the Slingo brand.



Slingo games combine the number-based fun of bingo with the spinning reels of online games. Players are given a grid of numbers and need to mark off digits when they appear on the reels.


The choice is yours. You can play on any device you like, while our Slingo games also feature a range of different themes. Try them for free or play for real money today.