Mobile Casino Games and More: Enjoy the Magic of Gaming on the Go

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Did you know that mobile games are now just as popular as their desktop counterparts. Thanks to huge advances in the ways they're are created, accessed and promoted, mobile games become the go-to source of entertainment for millions.

Unsurprisingly, casino developers have been on the mobile bandwagon for years and, even less surprisingly, so have we. Today, you can play all your favourite casino games and more via your iOS and Android device. Want to know more? Of course you do.

As your resident casino gaming provider, we’re here to educate as well as entertain. So, in this guide, we’ll take you through the nuances of phone casino games and more.

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Mobile Casino Basics

We’ve established that mobile casino games are part of a much larger cultural phenomenon. However, that doesn’t really tell us much about what they look like in practice and, more importantly, what makes them popular. In simple terms, mobile casino apps and sites are platforms that allow you to play slots, table games and, basically, do anything you could via your desktop.

In the past, mobile slots and table games used to be seen as secondary to their desktop counterparts. However, as technology has evolved, many view mobile phone casino games as a better option. Why? Well, everyone will have their own ideas about what gives the best mobile casinos their lofty status. However, we've done our best to give you the best possible experience, and we're confident we've done so. Some of the reasons we think Paddy Power Mobile Casino provides a unique gaming experience are:

  • Cross-Platform Compatibility: We want everyone to experience the joys of gaming on the go. In line with the best mobile casinos, we’ve optimised our desktop platform so that it works on all devices. In practice, this means you can use the responsive website to play mobile roulette, slots, blackjack and more via all smartphones and tablets.
  • A Tailored Interface: As well as optimised mobile casino sites, we offer iOS and Android apps. These products are specifically tailored to each device, which means you’ll receive a slick experience where everything looks and feels great.
  • Fast, Efficient and Always on Tap: Casino gaming is all about having fun when they urge takes hold. Mobile casinos allow you to satisfy these urges whenever and wherever you want. At home, at the bus stop or in a cinema, our mobile casino games are always on tap.

Immersive Gaming Features: Perhaps the best reason to try our phone casino games are the added extras they feature. For example, when you play our top mobile slots such as Irish Luck, you’ll be able to set the reels in motion by swiping as well as tapping. Beyond that, you’ll find other mobile slot games with shake-to-swipe functionality. This basically means you can shake your device to start a betting round. These type of provisions make the betting process more efficient and definitely more entertaining. Indeed, by swiping and shaking, you feel a lot more connected to the game which, in turn, makes everything more interesting.

Mobile vs. Desktop Casino Gaming: What’s the Difference?

As you can see from the points listed above, phone casino sites and games come with a number of benefits. However, you may still have ties to your desktop. Naturally, we’re not saying you shouldn’t use our website to access the latest games and offers. However, the main selling point we always refer back to is immersion.

Because mobile casino games are more tactile than their desktop counterparts, you always feel more connected to the action. When you think about casinos, you often conjure up images of riffling chips and pulling levers. Although mobile casinos can’t replicate this exactly, they do have a more immersive dynamic than desktop games.

That, for most people, is why this medium has become so popular. In fact, in the UK, mobiles are arguably as popular as desktops. Type “mobile casino UK” or “new mobile casino UK” into Google and you’ll be presented with a myriad of options. Of course, Paddy Power will always be the top choice. However, even a simple search reveals the extent to which players are now gaming on the go.

Of course, this doesn’t mean phone casinos are better than desktop ones. In reality, it’s all a matter of preference. However, when it comes to engagement, it’s fair to say smartphone casino games do have the upper hand.

What Are the Best Mobile Casino Games? Here’s What We Have to Offer

Paddy Power Mobile Casino is packed with options. Although it used to be a scaled-down version of the desktop site, it’s virtually an equal at this point. Yes, you will find some games online that you won’t find on your mobile. However, the counter is that there are some mobile exclusives which we will talk about later. For now, let’s run through the main gaming categories you can access via your smartphone or tablet.

  • Mobile Slots: From five-reel spinners to classic fruit machines, mobile slots are by far the most popular type of game we offer. As we’ve said, games such as Epic Ape, Jungle Giants and Luminous Life allow you to use features such as swipe-to-spin. This makes them entertaining, but these features also allow you to race through more bets per hour, if you wish to.
  • Mobile Jackpots: Don’t think you could win millions from your mobile? Think again. All our top progressive games are available via our mobile platforms. Jackpot mobile games such as Ascot, Age of the Gods and Beach Life all provide high-quality animations as well as six and seven-figure potential payouts. You should also check out our brand new collection of Fire Blaze Jackpot Games.
  • Mobile Roulette: In tandem with our software partners, we’ve ensured mobile roulette is so much more than you’d expect. Yes, classic variants such as European and American roulette are available. However, by embracing the latest technology, we’re able to deliver live roulette and even progressive jackpot games such as Age of the Gods roulette.
  • Mobile Blackjack: Much like roulette, we’ve pushed the envelope with regards to mobile blackjack. Traditionalists will get easy access to multiplayer and single-player classics such as Vegas rules blackjack. Those with a taste for the exotic can try our exclusive Cashback Blackjack or Buster mobile blackjack, where bonus bets allow you to win even more.
  • Live Casino Mobile Games: As we’ve said, live games are as much a part of our phone casino package as virtual ones. All the main table games (roulette, blackjack, baccarat and casino poker) are covered. However, we’ve also introduced some new innovations such as Hi-Lo and Spin a Win to ensure you enjoy a comprehensive live mobile casino experience.

Play Your Favourite Casino Games: Paddy Power Games Mobile Casino Exclusives

Delving a little deeper into the mobile casino games we offer, you’ll find a number of exclusives. In the list below, you'll find games that have been designed specifically for mobile use. In fact, what's interesting about these offerings is that they're mobile-only. In other words, they won't be displayed on your desktop. Instead, when you follow the links, they'll only show up on your mobile, meaning you can enjoy a truly unique gaming experience!

Mobile Casino Apps on Paddy Power

Casino Apps and Sites: Finding the Perfect Mobile Medium

We’re all about options, which is why you can choose to game on the go in a way that suits you. For the greatest flexibility, our optimised website is on hand. However, for complete compatibility and a slightly more refined experience via your iOS or Android device, we have also developed mobile apps.

Paddy Power Games for iOS: This app features 150+ games, including mobile slots, jackpot games, blackjack, roulette and more. Naturally, each game is certified as fair and regulated by established gaming commissions, as you've come to expect from us.

While that’s all fairly standard, the real selling point to the Paddy Power iPhone app is its extras. All graphics are optimised, which means everything works as well on 3G connections as 4G ones. Additionally, you’ll be able to swipe between pages and the interface has been scaled down to ensure maximum visibility for all important elements. Finally, the app is secure and you’ll be able to log in using TouchID instead of a standard password.

Paddy Power Live Casino for iOS: Even though you can access live games via the standard casino app, we’ve created a platform specifically for these innovations. Available on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, this app gives you access to HD streams for the following games: blackjack, roulette and baccarat. Like the casino app, you’ll be able to secure your account with TouchID logins if you’re using the latest iPhone. Deposits, withdrawals and support are available directly inside the live casino mobile app.

Paddy Power Games for Android: 150+ games: blackjack tables, roulette wheels and tons of mobile slots make our Android app a market leader. Paddy Power Games Android has won praise for its search functionality. By providing a combination of tabs, filters, categories and manual searches, you’ll be able to find what you’re looking for with ease.

Paddy Power Live Casino for Android: Like the Paddy Power Live Casino app for iOS, the Android platform features HD streams and a selection of classic games. What makes this product stand out from the crowd is that it features branded games. Instead of generic tables and unfamiliar dealers, we have our own set-up and croupiers. This creates a more social and personal experience, two qualities that make live casino gaming hugely entertaining.

Mobile Casino Sites vs. Mobile Casino Apps

Before we leave you to experience the wonders of mobile casino gaming, here’s a quick rundown of apps vs. websites. Although you’re free to choose either or use both, the comparisons below should help you pick the medium that’s best for you:

Flexibility vs. Specificity: Online mobile casino sites are more flexible. With our optimised software, you’ll be able to play 150+ games via any mobile device, including Windows Phones. If you prefer to access games from your home screen and know that everything has been refined for your device, the iOS or Android app should be your go-to choices.

Space vs. Access: You don’t have to download a mobile casino website. This is great if your device is short on memory or you prefer to dip in and out of the action without committing to the app. Conversely, if you’d prefer easier access to our selection of mobile slots and table games, the app is never more than a tap away at all times.

Variety vs. Categorisation: The Paddy Power Games website combines virtual and live games. This dynamic allows you to switch styles in a few swipes. For app users, it’s easier to segment your sessions by downloading the casino and live casino apps. Although this isn’t for everyone, the process of keeping the two separate is a great way to zone in on the different formats and get the most out of them.

Whichever way you decide to game on the go, the thing to remember is that entertainment is key. Our developers have ensured that every facet of our mobile site and app are perfectly optimised, totally secure and highly efficient. When you piece all of these elements together, you get an experience that’s enjoyable and always accessible.