Slot Machines Strategies

In the world of online casinos, video slots maintain the enviable position of most popular game genres. The result of years of development and innovation, they provide players with instant entertainment featuring crisp animations, immersive sound effects, and stunning visuals.

It is easy to understand why this genre is so popular. Even though there are thousands of different titles available, most are played in similar ways. This makes it easy for new and experienced players to get used to the game rules and features, leaving more time for having fun. The challenge for most players is to make the fun last as long as possible. This guide will help you get more for your buck by suggesting slot strategies which you can implement today.

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Gambling Slot Strategies - What this guide is about

Before we begin it is important to have realistic expectations of what this guide is about. Slot machine strategies have existed for decades, even before the creation of online slots, but none can provide you with any guarantee of frequent wins. Online slots are powered by random number generators which ensure that each spin is not influenced by the one before it.

Playing video slots is a form of entertainment and you should consider each wager to be payment for this service. When you do get a win, treat it as a pleasant surprise. Video slots, and any other online casino game, should never be treated as a source of income. Understanding and accepting this fact alone will go a long way towards creating a fun experience for you.

The art of bankroll management

An important way to extend your bankroll is to manage it properly even before you start spinning those reels. Bankroll management is both a science and an art, and it takes some practise before you get a good system in place.

Start by deciding your budget for a single video slot. If possible, you shouldn't dedicate your entire bankroll to just one slot. Instead, try spreading it around three or more games. Look for games with different game mechanics, such as clusters, Megaways or progressive jackpots. These will provide varied entertainment and different ways to enjoy your bankroll.

If you're stuck choosing your games, search by game type or just pick random ones from the casino's hot or latest picks.

Once you have lined up your slots, check the minimum bet value for each and try to allocate at least 50 spins per slot. If this is not possible, consider switching slots. You will find that many casino slot tips suggest playing a minimum of 50 spins, with many suggesting minimums of 100. This number should provide you with an opportunity to trigger one or more bonus features which could help extend your bankroll.

With your games selected and your budget allocated, you're ready to start playing. At this point, the most important slot machine tip is stick to your choices. Once you have exhausted the budget on one slot move to the next and when your bankroll has been depleted stop playing. Do not be tempted to continue playing, and certainly do not try to make up for any losses.

What to do with your winnings?

Before your first spin you should decide what to do with any rewards received during your time at the slots. Your two main options are keep the money or play it again. For these gambling slot strategies to be helpful the ideal option is to keep your winnings and perhaps use them on your next visit. Leaving with unexpected money in your account would feel better than losing your bankroll and an unexpected prize along with it.

Consider progressive jackpots

Progressive jackpot slots are usually linked across various online casinos and feature prizes which could reach eight-figures. Most of these games look and feel like other slots, but the potential to win a jackpot provides an extra thrill with every spin. As a result, it is a good idea to include at least one such game in your lineup.

The important characteristic of progressive jackpot slots to keep in mind is that some require you to wager a certain minimum in order to be eligible for the top prizes. Whilst some of these slots feature just one jackpot, others can have four or even five different ones which grow with each spin. Before you start playing it is a sensible online slot strategy to read the rules of the game. You should be able to find these easily once you load the game.

Apart from the jackpot, these slots normally payout less than other non-jackpot slots. This means that if you do not wager a qualifying bet you are less likely to receive a prize, thus shortening the lifespan of your bankroll.

Look for fun games

You're playing video slots to have fun, so you should naturally look for games which match your preferences. The sheer number of video slots available at online casinos means that you are likely to find your favourite theme, style, and features.

There is no single slots strategy to extend your bankroll. High volatility slots are known to provide less frequent but larger prizes. On the other hand, low volatility should give you more frequent, yet smaller payouts. Keep an eye on the slots Return to Player (RTP) figure. This gives you an indication, although not a guarantee, of average payout percentages.

If you prefer jackpots and are patient to wait longer between payouts, three-reel games might be a good type to consider. On the other hand, if you prefer smaller and more frequent wins, you should try video slots featuring pick'em bonuses. For something in the middle look for slots offering free spins as one of their bonuses. Such games can help bridge the gap between payouts whilst still providing you with sizable rewards.

It's a good idea to vary your game choices, not only to help you get more out of your bankroll. Experimenting with new game styles and rewards gives you an opportunity to experience a greater variety. Doing this should elevate the entertainment level for you without requiring a bigger bankroll. Fierce competition between developers means that every month new games are released, filled with the latest technology and surprises.

Do some research

Spending a few minutes reading the pay tables on various slots can help you determine which ones are best-suited to your gaming preferences. It's a good slots strategy to look out for games featuring a variety of wild, scatter and free spins bonus. Such games are normally a source of superior entertainment value since a feature is more likely to be triggered with each spin.

Once you think you have identified the slots for you, try them out for free in demo mode. Testing these slots will ensure that you understand how to play them. It will also provide you with a realistic performance result to estimate how soon your allocated budget could be spent. It is important to state, once again, that no two spins are identical. There are thousands of combinations which are reset with each spin.

Is max bet worth it?

Some slot strategies push you to always bet the maximum wager on the slot. Whilst this would provide you with a greater payout, should you be so fortunate, it is more likely to deplete your bankroll faster. With some slots, paylines are deactivated with lower bets. However, beyond paying the minimum amount to activate all paylines, there isn't really any need to bet more per spin.

Remember that video slots are governed by random number generators. Your probability of winning remains the same no matter how many active paylines there are.

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Do online slot games generate random outcomes every time?

Yes, online slots use a special software called a Random Number Generator (RNG) which guarantees that each spin is truly independent from any other.

Will I win more often if I use a slot strategy?

Not necessarily. Online slots is a game of pure chance and no single strategy used can tip the odds either way. However, strategizing your gameplay can make it more enjoyable for longer.

What is the easiest strategy to play slots?

The easiest way to play slots more smartly is by setting a budget limit and managing your bankroll more effectively.

How do I choose which slots to play at?

There is a large variety of slot games to try and we suggest picking any that suits your fancy. Many players pick games based on themes they enjoy most, those with the largest prizes, or with the lowest minimum bet values.

Are progressive jackpots worth it?

Progressive jackpots feature larger prizes than traditional slots but some games require you to bet a minimum amount in order to be eligible for the top prizes. Moreover, jackpot slots normally pay out less than other slots.

Should I play high volatility slots?

It depends on your risk appetite. High volatility slots are known to provide less frequent but larger prizes. On the other hand, low volatility should give you more frequent, yet smaller payouts.

Is it worth playing the maximum bet?

Certain slots only activate all pay lines if you bet the maximum bet possible. While this could provide you with a greater payout if you land a winning combination, it is more likely to deplete your bankroll faster.





Not necessarily. Online slots is a game of pure chance and no single strategy used can tip the odds either way. However, strategizing your gameplay can make it more enjoyable for longer.


The easiest way to play slots more smartly is by setting a budget limit and managing your bankroll more effectively.