2021 was another unmissable year on social media, as the pandemic continued and Twitter was taken by storm with events such as the World Cup, Olympic Games and Adele's new album taking over various platforms online. 


Journalists also faced scrutiny for their coverage of events in the UK and Ireland, while some actors and musicians didn't do themselves any favours by posting politically sensitive statements online. 


Paddy Power Games decided to look at the winners and losers of 2021 Twitter. We analysed over 500,000 tweets aimed at either British & Irish celebrities, or those who ply their trade on these shores (footballers etc). 


Alongside the volume of tweets, we used sentiment analysis to work out which online personalities received the highest percentage of positive and negative tweets. 


Please see the winners and losers below:

Twitter Winners in 2021
Twitter Losers in 2021

Download the Excel file with the full list.

Paddy Power Games analysed over 500,000 tweets between January 2021-December 2021. We assessed words, phrases, hashtags aimed at over 70 handles and compared them in our study. We used comparison data to come up with sentiment scores, to accurately forecast which online personalities received the most positivity or negativity in relation to the amount of total tweets directed at them. 


Tweets containing words or phrases deemed to be abusive were not considered as part of this study. Paddy Power Games stands strongly against any form of social media abuse


Paddy Power Games stands strongly against any form of social media abuse.