94.01% - 96.48% RTP

Live Money Drop

If you like classic TV game shows like Wheel of Fortune or were a fan of Million Pound Drop, then Playtech's Live Money Drop is the casino game you have been looking for.

This is a casino game with a twist, as whatever you win from your initial bet is not necessarily what you will end up with.

Live Money Drop game features

There are a few features to Live Money Drop where multipliers could be doubled, or you can be taken to a game where you have multiple safe drop zones, increasing your chances of winning.

There is also a bonus Card Clash game, in which there are two sides to choose from that compete against each other for a chance to win up to 1,000x your bet value.

The aim is to back one of two cards in the hope you get back the higher value. If you back the winning hand three times, you can win up to 95x your bet value, with one win paying 5x and two wins paying 15x. To get 1,000x the cards must tie three times.

How to play Live Money Drop

How Live Money Drop works is that you place bets on the sections you think the big wheel will land on. Each section has a multiplier which will be applied to your bet value. However, each section will also take you to a mini-game where you must place your winnings across four sections.

These sections will either open up and see your winnings drop into the abyss, or the platform will remain in place, and you can collect those winnings at the end of the round unless there are multiple rounds, in which case you make the same choices again. 

Live Money Drop FAQ

What is the theme of Live Money Drop?

This game is a wheel of fortune style game where you place bets on sections of the wheel.

Who developed Live Money Drop?

The game was developed by Playtech.