97.30% RTP

Live Quantum Auto Roulette

With its futuristic sci-fi twist based on quantum science stuff that is far beyond our understanding, Live Quantum Auto Roulette is a fresh take on the classic casino table game. This live casino experience from Playtech provides you with the opportunity to boost your winnings to 500x your bet value.

Live Quantum Auto Roulette game features

You will place bets on the table as you would in a traditional roulette game. However, when the ball begins to spin, quantum science takes over and applies a multiplier from 50x to 500x your bet value to randomly selected numbers.

If you have a bet on one of the quantum-charged numbers and the ball lands on it, you will then have your bet multiplied by that amount rather than the traditional roulette odds that are offered out. If the ball does not land on a charged number on the reel, then odds pay out at a standard rate and new charged numbers will be drawn with the next spin.

How to play Live Quantum Auto Roulette

Played on a European Roulette wheel, Live Quantum Auto Roulette allows you to play the same way as you would on a traditional roulette table game. You can back one of 37 numbers from 0-36 in several different ways, or you can play it safer by placing bets on the outside that cover whether the ball will land on odd or even numbers, or whether they will be red or black and even if numbers will be high or low.

Live Quantum Auto Roulette FAQ

Who is the developer of Live Quantum Auto Roulette?

The developer of this game is Playtech.

What is the maximum multiplier on Live Quantum Auto Roulette?

The maximum multiplier available in this game is 500x your bet.

What is a live casino experience all about?

Live Quantum Auto Roulette is broadcast from a studio and features a real croupier. 

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