Best Online Scratchcards for UK players

Best online scratchcards for UK players

Online scratchcards have flourished in recent years and almost every major casino operator now offers a few titles in their lobby. Typically listed under “scratchcards” or “instant games”, this game category has become an important part of well-rounded online casinos, which usually include at least a dozen best scratch cards to play on UK accounts on their website.

 Buying an online scratchcard game is similar to playing slots or most card games: both are a type of gambling and rely exclusively on chance rather than skill to win cash prizes. In this article, we’ll review the best scratch cards you’ll find on major brands like Paddy Power and give you a few tips on how to improve your scratch cards game.

 If you’ve never played online scratchcards before, then you’re in for a treat! Probably one of the most laid back games on the internet, scratchcards can be enjoyed at your own pace and the rules are incredibly easy to learn. You’ve probably seen physical scratchcards at a pub, kiosk or in ads, but virtual cards are a completely different experience as they bring a multimedia dimension to your computer or mobile screen that’s full of animated and sound effects.

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Getting started with the best scratch games online

But before delving into the special features of the best scratch games, let’s bring you up to speed with the basic rules and requirements to start playing today. First of all, you’ll need to create an account at an online casino like Paddy Power Games that features instant 500 scratch cards and more on its site. After making your first real money deposit, you’ll finally be able to purchase scratch cards and start playing and winning cash prizes.

In a nutshell, an online scratch card will have a number of rows consisting of various themed symbols with an amount of money hidden underneath. You can reveal the amounts by clicking on each symbol or dragging the coin across the card to mimic real-life scratching action. Find matching symbols on a card and you’ll win one of the prizes listed in the paytable.

What else do instant games offer?

The reason why scratch cards are so popular is that they are designed to provide the maximum fun, with the potential to win great prizes, in a blink of an eye. No wonder they’re also known as “instant games”. The rush of excitement as you reveal the amounts is a huge part of the entertainment value of scratches; you never know what outcome to expect with the next card and the anticipation will keep you on your toes throughout the entire game.

Another great thing about scratch cards is that you can buy them in bulk online. They’re relatively cheap too, so players can spread the odds and increase their chances of winning a series of small prizes or landing one huge payout that makes up for the cost of the cards. You could even split the cost of buying multiple cards among friends and share together the thrill of playing on the best scratch cards UK.

There’s such a huge variety of online scratch cards to try on Paddy Power Games thanks to the different themes and official branded games. Not only do these cards look cool, but they also often feature mini-games you can play after revealing all the symbols on the card and possibly earn a smaller reward for your trouble.

Comparing virtual scratchcards with physical games

The best scratch cards to win on online offer many innovations that make playing them a lot more enjoyable than traditional physical cards. Even though the latter have been around for many years, online cards offer a distinct advantage as you can cash out your wins as soon as you’ve made them. That’s right, instant win games like scratch cards will credit your winnings directly to your bankroll; there’s no need to pop over to a shop to claim the prize!

Faster, more secure, more entertaining: the digital version of scratchcards are a much welcome improvement to their cardboard counterparts. Forget about getting your fingers and stuff dirty with the mess that comes with scratching, or worrying about losing or damaging flimsy cards.

With the best online scratch cards you buy, play, and withdraw winnings with a few clicks; just make sure to check the withdrawal limits and wagering requirements before transferring money out of your account and into the payment solution of your choice. As an online player, you can play scratchcards on mobile devices wherever an internet connection is available.

Finding trusted providers of scratch games online

Scratchcards come in all shapes and sizes, however, they all revolve around the same basic concept: scratch off the cards and match the hidden symbols together. Aesthetically, the games may differ in the number of rows or symbols on each card, and these are usually related to a particular theme which helps distinguish a particular card from the rest.

If you want to find the best scratch cards to win on UK, your first port of call shouldn’t simply be the instant games page but the “About” page of your favourite online casino. A reputable scratch casino game provider like Paddy Power Games is licensed and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission and the Malta Gaming Authority, two of the world’s leading gaming jurisdictions, which demand that all operators comply to rigorous standards to ensure the safety of their players’ data and funds.

You can rest assured that your personal information and payment data will be safe when you trust a regulated online scratch card provider. Additionally, these sites will have numerous safe gambling measures which are designed to help players control better the time and amount of money they spend while playing online.

How to choose the right scratch card for you

Choosing the best scratch cards for you could be as easy as picking one you like the looks of, or else a detailed investigation into which cards offer the right odds for your style.

Fortunately, Paddy Power offers a wide range of scratch games to play online with different themes and gameplay mechanisms. In fact, most online scratch card games offer two options for playing, both of which are very useful for saving time as well as increasing the chances of finding winning combinations.

Firstly, scratchcards come with a Scratch All button that instantly reveals the hidden symbols or amounts and lets you know right away whether your card is a winner. This option is ideal for people in a rush, even though it sacrifices some of the suspense that comes with revealing the symbols one at a time. Secondly, the Autoplay feature allows players to automatically scratch through several cards at one go, throwing the mathematical odds in their favour by spreading their chances of winning over multiple games.

It’s good to keep in mind that the best scratch cards will have their own rules so we encourage you to explore for yourself all the titles listed here to learn more about how each game is played. You’ll also notice that the price of each card also varies, so make sure to play scratch cards that are within your limits.

Our list of best online scratch cards

125K Scratch

Upping the ante, 125K Scratch is another iteration from the popular series of scratch games by Cayetano and an exclusive title available on Paddy Power Games. Players can enjoy the familiar five mini-games featured on a single online scratch card, at the same cost, but with a maximum amount of 125,000 credits as the top prize.

 125K Scratch deserves its place among the best scratchcard games thanks to its 1 in 3.07 chances to win a prize, as well as bonus rounds that could earn you a random reward such as an instant cash prize, a free scratch card or a bonus multiplier that boost your total winnings.

25K Scratch

Most of the scratchcard games on Paddy Power are provided by one of the leader’s in this space, Cayetano Gaming, which offers a fabulous line-up of the best scratchcards to win in the UK, including 25K Scratch.

 This title features no fewer than five scratch games on a single card and offers odds of 1 in 3.66 tickets to win. The game is played starting from the top-left of the screen, where players must match one of the two lucky numbers within the circles to win the corresponding amount. The second game dispenses a prize if either of the lines adds up to seven.

 Games three and four play like traditional scratchcards as players must find three matching symbols to win the amount listed on the paytable. Finally, random bonus prizes can be won one from a range of cash prizes, free cards and multipliers.

 That’s a lot of fun packed on a single screen and the best part is that it’s so easy to get started as all the details you need to play are clearly laid out on the card.

Deal or No Deal: What’s in Your Box Scratch?

The official scratch card of the hit TV game show brings you a progressive jackpot growing by the minute and an unique hybrid gameplay combining elements from scratchies, slots, and the well-known quiz franchise.

 This quirky title is the perfect example of how virtual cards extend the boundaries of what scratchcards are capable of and introduce a whole new interactive dimension to the humble piece of cardboard found at shops up and down the country.

 Hit three or more of the Box Scatter symbols to activate the What’s in Your Box bonus which in turns leads to even bigger bonus rounds culminating in the Deal or No Deal bonus. This game by Blueprint Gaming is ideal for people who are already familiar with slots and are looking to give online scratchcards a shot to mix up their gaming experience online.

Understanding your chances of winning instant games

Another thing which differs among the games we’ve included in our list of top scratch cards is the RTP (return to player), which is a statistic that is related to the odds of winning in each game and is defined as the percentage of wagered money that you can recover playing over time.

We recommend always checking the RTP before playing and comparing the best scratch games until you find the one that fits your gaming needs.

Naturally, the amount of money you could win at scratch cards also changes depending on the type of game you are playing. A few cards offer fixed prizes which are based on how much money you’ve wagered and the symbols matched, while others award players a bigger payout calculated on multipliers uncovered during the game.

The best scratch cards will display the maximum payout and a list of smaller prizes before purchase and while playing.

Paddy Power offers a list of scratch games, including some of the best scratchcards for UK players, that is continually being updated with new titles from leading game providers. You can find the latest games inspired by movies, TV, and other media properties and franchises with fans all over the world.

Playing the best scratch games is fun and safe on the website, and with different themes and ways to win real money, you can expect plenty of surprises for as long as you play scratch cards online.

Scratchcards - features and more

 How long does it take to cash out winnings?

Winnings are added to your casino account right away, however, withdrawal limits and timeframes will apply when transferring money out of it depending on the payment provider chosen.

 What types of scratch games can I play at online casinos?

You'll find a wide variety of games including those with fixed or dynamic payouts, progressive jackpots, and branded or themed cards that are inspired by famous movies, TV shows, and other franchises.

 Which features to scratch games offer that makes them better than physical cards?

Online scratches offer a "Scratch all" button that lets you reveal all hidden symbols at once and find out instantly whether you have a winner. The "Autoplay" feature enables you to buy multiple cards and has the computer automatically go through each ticket to check if there are matching symbols.

 Is it easier to win scratchcard games online?

Online cards generate completely random results and it is not possible to predict or influence outcomes.



Scratch games online can be played anywhere on mobile devices with an internet connection. Winnings are deposited instantly to your bankroll and many cards also feature bonuses, prizes, and multipliers.


Online scratchcard will have a number of rows with various themed symbols. You can reveal the amounts by clicking on each symbol or dragging the coin across the card to mimic real-life scratching action. Find matching symbols or amounts on a card to win one of the prizes listed in the paytable.