Tips on how to play Scrathcards: Online Players’ Guide To Instant Lotteries

Online Players’ Guide To Instant Lotteries

Until a few years ago, only the most intrepid casino players would play online scratchcards, or instant lotteries as they are also known. Scratchcards would be tucked away in the "Others" category, and nobody was asking themselves how to play scratchcards while browsing a lobby full of flashier games.


As the online casino industry matured, the scratchcard genre went through a rediscovery, thanks to players who were eager to diversify their gaming preferences. Operators noticed this shift and started giving more prominence to scratchcards on their websites.


But what exactly attracts people to instant lotteries in the first place? In this guide, we’ll share tips for how to play scratchcards, as well as an overview of the rules.

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Understanding how scratchcards work

Scratchcards or instant lotteries are essentially a lottery line that is drawn the moment you've purchased it. Unlike traditional lotteries, you'll find out if your line is a winner in seconds, not days. Speed is the main appeal of scratchcards, but there are other advantages too, as this guide will show you.


The pros (and cons) of scratchcards are tied up to the way the gameplay works. As with casino games in general, there isn't a particular method of how to win on scratch cards which is guaranteed, but there are ways to play smarter and make the experience more enjoyable.


You can find an assortment of scratchcard games at almost any online casino. To start playing, you will first have to open an account and make a real money deposit. Look out for promotions that are linked to your favourite scratchcard games because these may award you with extra cash, extra games, or free spins.

Playing scratchcards at Paddy Power

After you've signed in to your account and deposited some money, look for scratchcard games in the lobby and click on a title to begin playing. If you've never tried instant win games before, we suggest picking games with low stakes and high RTP, as these are inexpensive, carry the least risk, and are therefore ideal for beginners.


These details are usually included in the game description, while how much can you win on a scratch card and the odds are shown in bold numbers on the card itself.


Once the game has loaded, you'll be given a choice to buy a number of cards, starting from just one. You'll also have a chance to set your stake, which could start from a minimum of a few pennies up to a maximum wager of several pounds (or euros). The game will automatically display the prize you can win according to the amount wagered.

Physical vs online scratchcards

A digital scratchcard looks almost exactly like its physical counterpart. And just like a real-life card you would find at a kiosk, the online game is played by revealing all the symbols hidden behind panels or windows one by one.


How do you win on scratch cards? If you find three or more matching symbols, then you’ll win a prize which corresponds to the number and type of symbols found. This information will be listed in a paytable.


The symbols can be revealed by clicking on each window in turn or, —if you want to save time—  if you want to save time, by hitting the "Reveal all" button to instantly show all the symbols. This is especially convenient to speed things up if you have bought multiple scratchcards.


Several games try to offer a more "authentic" gameplay experience by allowing players to reveal symbols by dragging a finger or mouse pointer over them to simulate that familiar scratching motion. Obviously, the method you use won’t change the chances of winning on a scratch card.


Any big scratchcard win will be added to your bankroll and you can use your winnings to purchase more cards, spend it on other casino games, or withdraw as real money.


Players wondering how to claim a scratch card win can rest easy knowing they can take out their money through the standard withdrawal process, as long as they have met the wagering requirements listed in the casino’s terms and conditions.

Comparing scratchcards to other online casino games

Many people who haven't played scratchcards will try comparing them to other online casino games. So how do scratchies stack up with other popular gambling categories, and do they offer a good deal in terms of gameplay, rewards and overall experience? 


The most widely-played genre is slots and there are a few similarities between slots and instant lotteries. Both games utilise a random number generator (RNG) which determines how to win on scratch cards, that is, which symbols will show up and in which arrangement.


Imagine, if you will, that a scratchcard is like a slot which has been "pre-spinned"; you just lift a veil off the screen and – voilà – there's the outcome! [FS4] 


Another similarity to slots is that scratchcards come in a whole range of themes, such as sports, seasonal holidays or luxury items. Some cards include animation and a few even have bonus rounds that look a lot like the side-games you find in video slots.


Of course, the biggest scratchcard win still isn’t as massive as the jackpots of progressive slots and there's less interaction with players. However, scratchcards win hands down in terms of speed and ease of play.


Comparing scratchcards to roulette, card games, bingo or video poker is trickier, but the basic qualities that make instant win lotteries so appealing in the first place, i.e . simplicity and speed, still give them an edge over other types of casino games.


This is especially true if you play on mobile devices, as scratchcards are compact and portable by design, which means they're the superior choice for smaller screens and on-the-go situations with limited playtime.

Tips to become a better scratchcard player

This is one of those situations where practice won't make perfect.


Instead, the key to becoming a better player is to develop a strategy that helps you:

1.    Manage your bankroll

2.    Take advantage of promotions to get extra cash

3.    Play the best scratch cards, which offer better odds and RTP

4.    Have fun while you play and always gamble responsibly


Every player’s style and tolerance for risk is different, but there are several approaches that smart players have in common that you can adopt too to increase your chances of winning on a scratch card.

Quality over price holds true when it comes to scratchcards

It’s important to strike a balance between choosing scratchcards that are affordable and that offer decent returns for the amount you stake.

Pick a few games you like and stick to them for a while

Instead of throwing cash at every scratchcard that pops up in the lobby, choose a couple of games with decent prizes and RTP, and improve chances of winning on a scratch card by spending some time playing them to work the odds.  

Look at the list of prizes before buying a scratch ticket

Is the prize worth the price of admission? Familiarise yourself with the paytable and use it as the main comparison tool when shopping around for scratchcards.

Reasons to Play Scrathcards

Online scratchcards have experienced quite a turnaround in recent years, so it’s understandable that more people now want to learn how to play scratchcards. From a game that was overlooked in lobbies, scratchies have skyrocketed in popularity at online casinos – a stroke of fortune that has affected traditional lotteries too.


This new lease on life is well-deserved because scratch cards have all the qualities of an entertaining and rewarding game that suits the fast-paced lifestyle of always-connected, mobile-using casino players. Besides, a big scratchcard win could quite literally happen anywhere and anytime!


We heartily recommend scratchcards to players who are looking for a game that:


l  Is simple and doesn’t require you to learn complicated rules or strategies

l  Has multiple payouts for relatively small stakes

l  Offers lots of fun, with themes, effects and bonuses that rival those of slot games

l  Lets you potentially earn bigger rewards by accumulating multipliers


Sign up and play scratchcards online!



Check odds and RTP to find scratch cards that win most. This is usually listed in terms of how many cards a player would need to purchase before hitting a winning line. Remember that the odds are just that, probabilities of winning, but this figure can help you keep track of potential earnings over a gaming session.


Set a weekly or monthly budget. A good habit no matter which casino game you prefer playing. Having a weekly or monthly figure is important to maintain good gaming discipline and play responsibly.