82.93% - 98.94% RTP

Baccarat Online Casino Card Game

What is Baccarat?

The casino table game of Baccarat is one of the simplest available. It’s very easy to pick up and play for beginners to land-based or online casino gaming. There is a lot of mystique surrounding Baccarat, largely because it is one of the favoured games of the iconic film hero James Bond, but the reality is that Baccarat is an easy-to-grasp game of chance, with little-to-no strategy required.

Baccarat – casino card game

The overall objectives when it comes to playing Baccarat are to bet on the winning hand – either the player’s or the banker’s hand. Two-card hands are dealt to both the dealer and the player, with the hand that’s valued closest to a final total of nine deemed the winner. It’s also possible to wager on the prospect of a tie, which we’ll go into more detail shortly.

Baccarat coup possible outcomes

Each round of action is called a Baccarat coup. There are three possible outcomes of each Baccarat coup:

The Player’s Hand

A winning bet on the player’s hand pays out 1:1 – wager £10 and you’ll receive £10 in winnings, as well as your £10 stake back.  

The Banker’s Hand

A winning bet on the banker’s hand pays out 1:1 – wager £10 and you’ll receive £10 in winnings, as well as your £10 stake back.  

Tie in Baccarat

A winning bet on a tied Baccarat coup usually pays out 8:1 – wager £10 and you’ll receive £80 in winnings, as well as your £10 stake back.

Baccarat point value

Typically, a Baccarat coup will be dealt from six-to-eight decks of playing cards from a table ‘shoe’. Each playing card is given a numerical value, with suits bearing no relevance on the outcome of a game in Baccarat:

  • All face cards (Jack, Queen and King) = 0
  • Aces = 1
  • 2 through to 9 = value is equal to their face value

A Baccarat hand is not allowed to add up to more than nine. In the event that your two cards do add up to more than nine, you’ll be required to subtract ten from your final total to get a valid value of your hand.

For example, if you had two 8s in your hand (totalling 16), you would need to subtract ten from your score to make a final total of six.

Baccarat Game Features


There are five easy buttons that can help speed up your Baccarat gameplay when you choose to play at Paddy Power™ Games:


Deal the cards of both the player and the banker  

New Game

Start a new Baccarat coup with just a single click or tap  


Begin another Baccarat coup and place a wager to the same value made in the previous coup  

Rebet and Deal

Begin another Baccarat coup and place a wager to the same value made in the previous coup, whilst dealing the cards to both the player and the banker  

Clear Bets

Clear the table of bets made in the previous coup so that you can make a different-sized wager

Casino Toolbar

When you play Baccarat online at Paddy Power™ Games, the lower and upper edges of the game window hold the casino toolbars. These toolbars contain several menus and buttons that allow you to change the screen settings and take advantage of various features when you play.

The bottom toolbar contains the following:


View your game window balance. This is the total money which you can use to play another baccarat card game at Paddy Power™ Games. It consists of your Real Money balance and any available bonuses for Baccarat online.  


Clicking this button opens the Paddy Power Cashier window, where you can make deposits and withdrawals, view your transaction history and much more.  

Free Spin Bonus

This icon is displayed only in games in which you have the Free Spins bonus available.  

Golden Chip Bonus

This icon is displayed only in games in which you have the Golden Chip bonus available.

The top toolbar contains the following:


Next to this icon is the quick launch menu. Hover over any category to view the available games, click them to launch.

Game Master

This feature enables you to find your next iGaming adventure at Paddy™ Power Games, with a variety of casino game categories to browse.  


The Favourites section opens up either the desktop or mobile client of the Baccarat game at Paddy Power™ Games, ready for you to play.  

Sound On/Off

Clicking this button will enable or disable Baccarat table sound effects.  


Hover over the sound icon to use the volume control slider to adjust the Baccarat game sound effects to your liking.


Navigate to the game history window to see the results of previous rounds, read help guides or change the Baccarat gameplay settings to your liking.  


Click this button to make your Baccarat card game full screen at Paddy™ Power Games.  


Click this button to end your Baccarat casino action at Paddy™ Power Games.

Gadget Bar

The Gadget opening bar is displayed on the right side of the game window when at least one gadget is enabled. Clicking on the opening bar opens the Gadget bar menu.

The Gadget bar can contain mini games and various special offers. Only one gadget can be opened at a time. Clicking on another Gadget closes the previous one.

Baccarat Side Bet Rules

What are side bets in Baccarat?

Although Baccarat’s payout structure is very straightforward for beginner casino players, there are also plenty of side bets in a card game like Baccarat to provide additional excitement and lucrative winning opportunities during every Baccarat coup. Let’s take a look at the five most popular side bets you can make when you play Baccarat online at Paddy Power™ Games:

What are the side bet rules in Baccarat?

Player Pair, Banker Pair

This side bet wins and pays out according to the payout table when the first two cards dealt to the respective hand form any pair on that hand, such as a 5 of Spades and a 5 of Diamonds.

Either Pair

This side bet wins and pays out according to the payout table when the first two cards on either the Banker or Player hand form any pair in their hand.  

Perfect Pair

This side bet wins and pays out according to the payout table when the first two Player or Banker cards form a pair of the same suit.  

Big Side Bet

This side bet wins and pays out according to the payout table when the total number of cards dealt between Player and Banker is five or six.  

Small Side Bet

This side bet wins and pays out according to the payout table when the total number of cards dealt between Player and Banker is four.

How to Play the Baccarat Online Game?

Baccarat 101

There are three variations to Baccarat that you might experience when playing online at Paddy Power™ Games or in a land-based casino around the world:

Baccarat Punto Banco

Punto Banco, translates as ‘player bank’. This version sees hands dealt to the player and the banker, with the dealer handling both. Punto Banco is played with either four, six or eight decks of playing cards.  

Baccarat Chemin-de-Fer

The original form of Baccarat, Chemin-de-Fer, played by 007 himself, is always played with six decks of cards. In addition, the banker is interchangeable between games, with players and the dealer all assuming responsibility for the deal.  

Baccarat Super 6

Super 6 Baccarat is virtually identical to Punto Banco and Chemin-de-Fer, however all wagers on dealer hands are paid at even money as opposed to 95%.

How are Baccarat cards dealt?

All Baccarat cards are dealt from the table ‘shoe’ which holds the decks of playing cards. Two hands are dealt by the dealer – the banker’s hand and the player’s hand. Before any cards are dealt, players can wager on the banker’s and player’s hand, or on a tie.

Number of hands dealt

It doesn’t matter how many players sit down to play at your Baccarat table, there will only ever be two hands dealt in a game of Baccarat – the banker hand and the player hand. All players can wager on both the banker hand or the player hand with chips (or checks).

The Baccarat play step-by-step

  1. Choose which hand you wish to bet on Decide whether you want to bet on the banker’s hand, the player’s hand or the tie.  
  2. Consider any available side bets Place any additional side bets if you want to keep things interesting in the outcome of the next Baccarat coup.  
  3. Cards are dealt (up to three potential cards per hand) The nominated dealer deals the first two cards of the banker and player hand. If the player’s hand total is six or seven, the hand stands. If the player’s hand is a total of 5 or lower, they must receive one additional card. If the dealer has a seven or better, the banker’s hand stands. If the dealer has a six, the banker’s hand stands unless the player’s hand has a six or seven. If the dealer has a five, the banker’s hand draws an additional card of four, five, six or seven, otherwise the original hand stands. If the dealer has four, the banker’s hand draws an additional card of two, three, four, five, six or seven, otherwise the original hand stands. If the dealer has three, the banker’s hand only stands if the player’s hand amounts to eight. If the dealer has a two, one or zero, the banker’s hand is always drawn an extra card.  
  4. The winning hand is decided The hand closest to the value of nine is deemed the winning hand. If both hands are of the same value, a tie is called and winning tie bets pay out.

Baccarat tie bet

The Baccarat tie bet is a wager that the outcome of the next Baccarat coup will be a tie between the banker and player hands. However, given that the house edge is around 15% on this particular bet, the tie bet is known as a ‘sucker bet’ among experienced Baccarat card game players. You’ll receive only a payout worth 8 to 1 should a tie bet occur.

Natural winners in Baccarat

If the banker’s hand or player’s hand totals eight or nine after the first two cards, it’s deemed a ‘natural’ hand.

When do you need one more card in Baccarat?

You will receive one additional card in the player’s hand if the total of the first two cards is five or less. If the player stands, the banker must hit an additional card if their total is also worth five or less.

Is Baccarat a game of chance?

Although the gameplay of Baccarat might make it seem as if you have control over the final outcome of a coup, the reality is that it is entirely a game of chance rather than skill. Although it is one of the oldest and most popular table games played in land-based and online casinos, Baccarat merely requires good fortune and luck to win. The game might appear sophisticated and high-brow, thanks largely to it being the game of choice for James Bond, but the reality is that Baccarat’s gameplay really is as straightforward as betting on the outcome of a coin toss – unless you choose to bet on the tie, of course. Its simplistic nature makes Baccarat an easy entry into casino gaming for newcomers.

Baccarat Games' Rules and Strategy

Value of hand

Hands in Baccarat are valued according to the point values we’ve already discussed earlier in the guide to Baccarat rules above. If a hand consists of a two and a three, it will be worth five.

However, if you have a hand consisting of a seven and an eight, it will be worth five (7+8 minus ten) as nine is the highest possible hand value in Baccarat.

Rules of the player hand

If the first two cards of a player’s hand add up to six or more, the player must stand, which means no additional cards are dealt to the player’s hand. If the first two cards of a player’s Baccarat hand add up to five or less, they can ‘hit’ and receive another card – it really is that simple. Ultimately, the third additional card is designed to help player’s hands get closer to the magic nine.

Rules of the banker hand

If the first two cards of the banker’s hand are worth seven or higher, the banker must stand on their hand and be dealt no further cards. If their first two cards are valued at lower than seven they must do the following:

  • Receive one additional card (for hands worth zero, one or two)
  • Stand with their current hand (if the player chooses not to receive another card to increase their hand)

Tips for playing Baccarat

  • Always avoid the tie bet – it carries a house edge of 14.4%, compared with 1.06% for banker hands and 1.24% for player hands.
  • When you’re first starting out playing Baccarat online at Paddy Power™ Games, the banker hand is the best starting point as it will win just over 50% of the time.
  • Ride the bet on player hands until it loses and then hop immediately back to the banker’s hand for the next coup.
  • Money management is critical in Baccarat. Set yourself a limit that you are prepared to lose in a session.

Betting systems in Baccarat

Flat betting is a good starting point for any newcomer to Baccarat online. Given that the banker’s hand wins more than 50% of the time, focus the majority of your efforts on flat betting the banker bet from day one. Given that the house edge doesn’t change from hand to hand, flat betting is a sensible approach even for experienced Baccarat players.

An alternative betting system for Baccarat would be the Martingale System, which is often used in Roulette. It involves doubling the size of your next wager after a losing bet until you eventually have a win, recouping your losses from previous successive losing bets by one unit, although this does require you to have deep pockets.

Counting cards in Baccarat

Counting cards is also possible in Baccarat, just like Blackjack. That’s because it follows a similar gameplay structure to Blackjack in that the cards are dealt out of a shoe, which can in turn influence the probability of other cards next out of the shoe.

However, the shoe must be fresh each time you begin card counting in Baccarat, otherwise the entire system falls apart.

Money management

We’ve already touched upon the pros and cons of flat betting and Martingale systems, but it’s also a good idea to mention regression Baccarat betting strategies. This involves halving the size of your wager after a winning bet. If the next bet loses, the losses are small, and you’ll still have some profit left over to wager with again. If you do win again, your profit increases further still.

Baccarat Online Gambling

Best bets in Baccarat

The best bet for any beginner wondering how to play Baccarat is on the banker’s hand. That’s because the house edge on the banker bet is the lowest, weighing in at just 1.06%. It wins just over 50% of the time too, so it’s a great starting point for anyone wanting to get to grips with the Baccarat rules before they get cleverer with money management and Baccarat strategy.

Baccarat RTP (Return to Player)

The theoretical percentage return to player (RTP) in Baccarat differs across the bet types:

  • Banker bet 98.94% RTP  
  • Player bet 98.76% RTP  
  • Tie bet 85.56% RTP

The RTP also differs across the range of Baccarat side bets available to try at Paddy Power™ Games:

  • Player/Banker Pair 88.75% RTP  
  • Perfect Pair 82.93% RTP  
  • Either Pair 85.46% RTP  
  • Big 95.65% RTP  
  • Small 94.73% RTP

Winning bets on Baccarat

Ultimately, to win a bet when you play Baccarat online, you simply need to wager on the hand that’s valued closest to nine as possible. It doesn’t matter whether it’s the banker’s hand or the player’s hand, both hands can win when they get closer to nine than the other.

You can also win a tie bet in Baccarat when both the banker and player hands amount to the same value at the end of the coup.

Tie bets on Baccarat

Tie bets might sound like a clever approach to adopt, particularly with so many cards available from the six-to-eight decks of playing cards. However, it’s considered the ‘sucker bet’ amongst savvy Baccarat betting experts. That’s because the house edge is 85.56% compared with 98.94% and 98.76% on banker and player hands respectively. Don’t expect to get rich on the long term playing this strategy!

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Baccarat Terminology

House edge

The casino house edge of Baccarat is the mathematical advantage built into every game hosted by Paddy Power. The house edge in Baccarat is somewhat lower than most other table games, coming in as low as 1.06% on banker’s hand bets.

Valuation of hands

In Baccarat, each card that makes up the banker’s hand or player’s hand has a point value. The highest possible hand value in baccarat is nine.  

Punto banco

Baccarat punto banco is the most common form of Baccarat, managed entirely by a dealer who deals both the player and banker hands from a shoe of four, six or eight playing card decks.  

Burning the first card

‘Burning’ the first card from a shoe means that this card is removed from the game and cannot be included until the shoe is reshuffled.  

Baccarat coup

A Baccarat coup is a nickname for the round of action in the game where there are three possible outcomes of winning – banker bet, player bet and tie bet.  

Baccarat cut-card

A plastic card, known as the ‘cut card’ is inserted 16 cards from the bottom of the shoe. When this card is drawn, it denotes that the shoe will be shuffled at the end of the current coup.  

Baccarat high rollers

The Baccarat table game attracts high-rolling players because many land-based and online casinos – including Paddy Power™ Games – offer high-limit VIP Baccarat tables with amazing payouts.  

Baccarat card counting

After Blackjack, Baccarat is the second-best table game for card counting, although it does require you to be able to count the cards immediately after the shuffling of the playing card shoe.  

Baccarat dealing shoe

The dealing shoe of a Baccarat table game contains all of the decks of active playing cards, which can total between four and eight decks at a time.


Can I play Baccarat for free?

Yes, look for demo versions of Baccarat online that let you use dummy money to give it a try.

Can I win real money by playing Baccarat online?

Yes, if you play with real-money stakes in a Baccarat casino then the payouts that are mentioned above can be won when you guess the winning hand correctly.

Is it safe to play Baccarat at an online casino?

Yes, here at Paddy Power we offer a completely safe and secure environment where you can play different versions of Baccarat online with no worries.

Should I always bet banker on Baccarat?

You should decide which bet to place based on your own knowledge and intuition. Each of the available types of bets has certain advantages to consider, such as the payout and Baccarat RTP figures. You may like to always make the same bet or switch between them.

Is Baccarat a game of skill?

This is basically a game of chance, although an element of skill can come from implementing a strategy to manage your bankroll.

Is Baccarat a game of chance?

Yes. As there is no way of accurately knowing what card will be placed on the table, no skill can be used in predicting which hand will win.

What is a winning Baccarat hand?

The hand that has a total closest to 9 wins, while a tie is a less common outcome due to the rules for dealing a third card. The winning hand is worked out for you automatically when you play Baccarat online.

Can you count hands in Baccarat?

Card counting can be done but it is fairly rare in the Baccarat game, as most people agree that doing this is difficult and of extremely limited benefit to the player.

What is the best bet in Baccarat?

Each type of bet has different pros and cons to take into account when you play Baccarat. For example, the Tie has the highest payout but is less likely to occur. It is difficult to say that a particular bet is best, although the Banker bet has a slighter Baccarat RTP than the Player option, and it is significantly higher than the Tie too.

Does Baccarat have a live dealer?

Yes, you will find a selection of exciting, live dealer options such as the Live Baccarat game and Lightning Baccarat right here at Paddy Power Games.

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