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Perfect Blackjack Online

Making a match in most card games can be highly rewarding. Indeed, if you're dealt a pair in a game of poker, the chances are you're going to come away from the hand with a profit. However, if you play a traditional form of blackjack, a pair doesn't really count for much. Sure, you can split and hope to get something more from the hand, but there is no immediate reward for a match, that is unless you play one of our special variants: Perfect Blackjack.

Perfect Blackjack Game Info

  • Bet on pairs and win more money
  • Side bets where you can win up to 25:1
  • Bet between £1 and £5,000 per hand
  • Software Provider: Playtech

How to Play Perfect Blackjack

Playtech is one of the leading software suppliers when it comes to blackjack and its "Perfect" version is ideal if you love to make matches. As we've said, this game is all about pairs and complementary cards on the initial deal. Basically, when you ante up an amount between £1 and £5,000, you'll be dealt two cards, as will the dealer, and the game will play out as usual.

However, if you're in the market for something extra, you can place a "pair" bet for between £1 and £1,000. Depending on where you feel a match will land, you can bet on the "player's pair" or the "dealer's pair" and receive a bonus payout if the following appear on the hand you've chosen:

  • Red/Black Pair = You'll win 6:1 on your stake if the value of the opening two cards match but their suits and colours don't - for example, 5 hearts and 5 spades.
  • Coloured Pair = You'll win 12:1 on your stake if the value of the opening two cards match and so do their colours (but not the suits) - for example, 5 hearts and 5 diamonds.
  • Perfect Pair = You'll win 25:1 on your stake if the value, the colour and the suit of your opening two cards match - for example, 5 hearts and 5 hearts.  

Overall, if you're in the market to win more when you play our top table games, Perfect Blackjack is, well, it's perfect.

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Perfect Blackjack FAQ


Perfect Blackjack is one of the Low volatility games you can play at Paddy Power.


Perfect Blackjack was developed by Playtech.