91.44% - 98.00% RTP

Live 3 Card Brag

Live 3 Card Brag Game Details

It’s a game you may have played around the dining room table, but Live 3 Card Brag at Paddy Power™ Games is an altogether more entertaining option. By combining the traditional with the modern, our Live 3 Card Brag tables provide something for everyone.

Live 3 Card Brag Info:

·       Auto play function

·       Win up to 1,000:1 on your bet

·       Bet between 0.50 and 3,000 coins

·       Software Provider: Playtech

Live 3 Card Brag Symbols

This is a single deck game. That means we take one standard shuffled deck, deal a hand and then replace it. This dynamic ensures everything is 100% fair each time you ante up. What’s more, it allows you to make a full range of brag hands, including:

·       A High Card (no payout on ante/play bet bonus bets)

·       A Pair (no payout on ante/play bet – 1:1 payout on pair plus side bet)

·       A Flush: three cards of the same suit. (no payout on ante/play bet – 4:1 on a pair plus bet and 15:1 on poker plus bet)

·       A Run: three cards in a consecutive order e.g. 2, 3, 4. (1:1 payout on ante/play bet – 6:1 payout on pair plus bet and 10:1 on a poker plus bet)

·       A Running Flush: three cards in a consecutive order and the same suit i.e. diamond, hearts, spades or clubs. (4:1 payout on ante/play bet – 30:1 payout on pair plus bet and 200:1 on a poker plus bet)

·       A Prial: three matching cards e.g. A-A-A. (5:1 payout on ante/play bet – 40:1 payout on pair plus bet and 7:1 on a poker plus bet)

Features and How to Play Live 3 Card Brag

To play Live 3 Card Brag, you’ll need to stake at least 0.50 coins. Once you’ve made an ante bet, both you and the dealer receive three cards. The only difference at this point is that the dealer’s cards are face down and yours are face up. When you assessed the value of your holding, you can opt to fold or play.

If you fold, the round is over and you lose your ante. To play, you make a second wager equal to double the size of your ante. From here, the dealer reveals their hand. Assuming the dealer has a queen or better, they qualify. At this point, the best-ranked hand scoops the pot. If that’s you, the payout bet will be determined by the table above. If the dealer fails to qualify, you simply get your money back.

Live 3 Card Brag RTP

As you can see, Live 3 Card Brag features the main ante and side bets. The table above shows you the payouts for each, but you should also note the poker plus bets allow you to make additional hands (using five of the six cards on display). For example, if a royal flush is in view, you could win prizes worth 1,000:1. Taking all of this into account, the maximum RTP for Live 3 Card Brag 98%!

To play Live 3 Card Brag, as well as Live Casino Stud, use our sign-up link and join Paddy Power™ Games today.

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Live 3 Card Brag FAQ


Live 3 Card Brag is one of the Low volatility games you can play at Paddy Power.


Live 3 Card Brag is one of the Card Table themed games offered by Paddy Power.