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Lightning Roulette

Lightning Roulette Game Details

If there’s one casino game that strikes fear into all others, it’s Lightning Roulette on live casino. Developed by Evolution Gaming, and offering a truly electrifying experience, this novel take on a classic is ideal for all players. From those who love the variety of roulette to those chasing mega payouts, Lightning Roulette has something for everyone.


Lightning Roulette Game Info:

  • Payouts topping 500X
  • Live dealer game
  • Play from as little as 0.10 coins
  • Software Provider: Evolution Gaming 


Betting Options

Get ready to play Lightning Roulette by Evolution Gaming as in this electrifying version of live roulette, lightning will add some extra fun to the gameplay as we have special Lightning Roulette payouts. The Lightning Roulette wheel follows the same format as the traditional European Roulette layout. This means that 37 spaces with numbers ranging from zero up to 36 make up the roulette wheel. 

Lightning Roulette rules are different from ordinary roulette rules as Evolution's Lightning Roulette has added the exciting feature of lucky numbers! Live Lighting Roulette will randomly generate a set of lightning multipliers which will can generate payouts of up to 500x your stake! These lightning multipliers are generated once each player has placed their bets on the wheel and all bets have been accepted. These randomly generated lucky numbers help boost the value of single number bets. In each game, a minimum of one lucky number will be selected but no more than a total of five numbers can be multiplied. 

Evolution Lightning Roulette live uses all of the traditional bets which are used in various types of roulette. The straight-up bet, corner bet, split bet and many of the well-known betting strategies associated with roulette are used in this game. But, Evolution's Lightning Roulette straight-up bet has something extra up its sleeve with payouts of up to 500x your stake possible. 


Lucky Number and Types of Bet

Straight up betting on Lightning Roulette adds an extra layer of excitement. Lightning multipliers are picked after betting has closed and can boost the payouts on single numbers anywhere from 50:1 all the way up to 500:1! Any straight-up bets which are won that are not multiplied by the lightning multiplier have a base payout of 30:1. All of the remaining bets in Evolution Gaming's Lightning Roulette have the same payouts as standard roulette. 

The remaining bets being the split bet, which is the second-highest paying bet and also the second riskiest in live Lightning Roulette. The split bet is when you bet on two numbers from the wheel. Next up we have the corner bet where players have the option of betting on four different numbers found anywhere across the online casino lightning roulette wheel. Players also have the option of betting on a set of a dozen numbers. These 12 numbers do not need to be in succession or any particular order on the wheel. 


50/50 Bets

Last up we have three different types of 50/50 bets found in Lightning Roulette online. These are bets where players bet on options which have a 50% chance of winning. The 50/50 bets in Lightning Roulette casino are the red/black bet, the odd/even bet and, the high/low bet. This type of bet is the one that has the smallest payout, but it is also the one in which you have the highest chances of winning. Evolution Gaming has ensured that any strategy is on offer, so in Lightning Roulette you can bet on all numbers in any way you want.

As mentioned before, Lighting Roulette casino's payouts are quite generous as the payout for the straight-up bet starts at 30:1. The addition of the Lightning Roulette multipliers can bump up the payouts to a mind-blowing 500x your stake! Online Live Casino Roulette simply cannot compete with the massive potential of Lightning Roulette. 


House Edge

The House Edge is made evident through the 0 space found on the wheel and the base straight-up bet payout of 30:1. In traditional roulette games, the straight-up bet payout is set at 35:1. Although this might make live roulette lightning look like it has a bigger house edge than its roulette siblings, it really does not. The reason why roulette lightning does not have that big of a house edge is due to the lightning multipliers which can give you a maximum of 500x your bet, if you are lucky!


Lightning Roulette Vs European Roulette

You may be wondering, what is the difference between European Roulette and live casino Lightning Roulette? Well, the devil is in the details as the only difference between these two roulette variants is the fact that Lightning Roulette, Evolution Gaming's creation, has bumped up the excitement by adding in the lightning multiplier feature. The lightning multiplier, which bring with them bigger payouts, can win you up to 500x your bet! 


Features and How to Play Lightning Roulette

The main difference between Lightning Roulette and its siblings is the payouts. In standard roulette, the payoff for a single number win is 35:1; in this game, it’s 30:1. However, fear not, because the lightning multiplier feature more than makes up for this discrepancy.

Any number that is hit with a lightning bolt will be boosted by a multiplier worth between 50x and 500x. If you’ve got chips on one of these numbers and it rolls in, that means you could win a prize worth 500x your stake!

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Which live roulette game is the best one? 

Picking the best live roulette all depends on your personal preference. If you like the traditional look and feel of things, then European Roulette may be the game for you. If you wish to have slightly better odds then try your hand at French Roulette. If you are open to something new and exciting which has amazing over-the-top visuals and payouts then Lightning Roulette could be the best game for you! 


What is the best bet in Lightning Roulette? 

The best bet in Lightning Roulette is the straight-up bet. Although the straight-up bet has a base payout of 30:1, the lightning multipliers are only be paid out on straight up bets. So, long story short, the straight-up bet is the best as it is the only one that gives you the chance of winning 500x your stake! 



What is the smartest bet in Lighting Roulette? 

The safest bet in Lightning Roulette by Evolution Gaming is betting on a 50/50 one. This means betting on colours, odd or even, or high or low. The straight-up bet, although very risky, has the potential to dish out some exceptional wins. What the smartest bet is really depends on how you wish to play the game, but a corner bet will provide you with medium payouts for a medium risk factor. 


What is the safest bet in Lightning Roulette? 

The safest bet, and the one with the lowest payout, in online Lightning Roulette, are the colour, odd/even, high/low bets. Their payout rate is set at 1:1 but the chances of you winning are set at almost 50%. 


Can you bet on every number in Lightning Roulette? 

Yes! Every number can be bet on in Lightning Roulette. You can also bet on multiple numbers through the various types of bets available to you. 


What is the maximum bet in Lighting Roulette? 

The maximum bet on Lighting Roulette depends on what you are betting on. A maximum table limit is present but a maximum on the inside and outside bets are also present. 


Does Lightning Roulette have a live dealer? 

Yes! Lightning Roulette, presented via a live stream, also uses a live dealer. All aspects of Lightning Roulette are done and viewed live. 


Does Lightning Roulette have a chat room? 

Lightning Roulette does not feature a chat room but it does feature a support section. This added feature is brilliant as since free Lightning Roulette is not available to test out, you can enjoy this game whilst knowing that help is just one click away. 



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Lightning Roulette FAQ


Lightning Roulette was developed and created by Evolution Gaming. The gameplay is based on the classic European Roulette variant, but Evolution Gaming have added their own electric  twist. Evolution Gaming Lightning Roulette utilises a special Lightning Roulette live stream to make the gameplay more enjoyable. 


The Live Casino Lightning Roulette game has three different colours. The numbers on the wheel are coloured in alternating red and black whilst the 0 space is coloured in the traditional green. Bets on which colour the ball will land on can also be made when playing Lightning Roulette at a live casino. 

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