97.30% RTP

Lightning Roulette

Lightning Roulette Game Details

If there’s one casino game that strikes fear into all others, it’s Lightning Roulette. Developed by Evolution Gaming, and offering a truly electrifying experience, this novel take on a classic is ideal for all players. From those who love the variety of roulette, to those chasing mega payouts, Lightning Roulette has something for everyone.

Lightning Roulette Info:

  • Payouts topping 500X
  • Live dealer game
  • Play from as little as 0.10 coins
  • Software Provider: Evolution Gaming 

Lightning Roulette Symbols

On first inspection, Lightning Roulette looks like almost any other live game. Standing front-and-centre is a charismatic host. To the side is a standard European roulette wheel and table featuring 37 numbers running from 0 to 36. Finally, in the background, a digital screen provides a platform for this game’s special feature.

However, when you wager at least 0.10 coins and play Lightning Roulette, magic can happen. First off, the normal rules of roulette apply. In other words, you’re trying to predict where the ball will land on the wheel. If you guess the number or section/category correctly, you win a prize. However, what makes Lightning Roulette different from its counterparts is its bonus numbers.

Before the ball finds a resting place, between one and five numbers will be struck with lightning. Any number that’s hit will have a multiplier attached to it. If the ball lands on a lightning number that you've picked, the payoff can be massive!

Features and How to Play Lightning Roulette

The main difference between Lightning Roulette and its siblings is its payouts. In standard roulette, the payoff for a single number win is 35:1; in this game, it’s 30:1. However, fear not, because lightning wins could more than make up for this discrepancy.

Any number that is hit with a lightning bolt will be boosted by a multiplier worth between 50X and 500X. If you’ve got chips on one of these numbers and it rolls in, that means you could win a prize worth 500X your stake!

Lightning Roulette RTP

Thanks to its unique bonus feature, Lightning Roulette has an RTP of 97.30%. That’s better than almost any slot out there and nearly as much as blackjack. In other words, it’s a great theoretical return rate, and yet another reason to try this innovative game.

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