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Crazy Time

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Crazy Time is the latest game show in town, and it’s full of fun for those in search of excitement! Featuring four incredible bonus rounds, it’s filled to the brim with amazing extras, from in-game pachinko to pinball.

Known to be one of the most expensive Live Casino games ever made, Crazy Time oozes quality, and it’s intent on taking players along for the ride. With bonus rounds appearing roughly every six spins, it has plenty in store for those eager to play! 

Crazy Time Casino Game Details

Utilising a game show format and aesthetic, this Live Casino game is brought to you by Evolution. Putting players in the hot seat, it’s full of features and extras, to create the ultimate online gaming experience.

As the latest addition to this developer’s unparalleled portfolio of Live Casino games, Crazy Time features a gargantuan wheel, which a live host spins. With its ability to pay out up to 160,000x your stake, it’s sure to keep things crazy! Yes, you read that right; 160,000x your stake! 

Crazy Time Symbols

So, what will you find in-game? The giant wheel has 54 segments, with eight symbols available to land on. Your options are firstly, the numbers one, two, five, and 10, with each corresponding to how much your bet is multiplied by.

You’ll also find symbols for Pachinko, Cash Hunt, Coin Flip, and Crazy Time, with each bonus round delivering big surprises to help players win!  

Features and How to Play Crazy Time 

If you’re wondering how it works, it’s actually pretty simple! Players spin the wheel and place a bet on where they expect it to stop. You then have the chance to get an extra multiplier with each fresh spin.  

Bonus Rounds 


May the odds be in your favour as the puck flies down the pachinko wall, navigating its way through a multitude of pegs. A real-life, physical pachinko wall is shown on screen when this feature is unlocked as the live dealer drops the puck, leaving it to hit off the pegs and finally land in one of the multiplier spaces found at the bottom of the board. Wherever the puck lands is the multiplier which the players win. If the puck lands on a double value, all multipliers are doubled and the puck is dropped again! The maximum multiplier that you can get from this bonus game is 10,000x.

Cash Hunt 

The hunt for cash is on in this bonus game as you are met with a shooting gallery featuring 108 random multipliers which you can win! Time is ticking and you only have a few seconds to pick your target before the cannon blasts off and reveals what each player has won. The different multipliers are covered by different symbols and shuffled before the countdown timer starts ticking. Pick where you think the biggest multiplier is hiding and hope that you've guessed correctly! 

Coin Flip

This feature is pretty self-explanatory. A red and blue coin is presented to the players and two different multipliers are generated, one which is the red sides multiplier and one which is the blue sides. Players then bet on which side they think will win and be rewarded with that multiplier! This bonus game is amazing as it is very simple and the odds of cashing out are an amazing 50/50!

Crazy Time

Enter the magical world where an enormous wheel and a big red button are the stars of the show! You have a choice of three pickers. Which will you go for; blue, green or yellow? Once you’ve made your pick, the big red button is pushed and the wheel is set in motion! If a picker lands on a double or triple space the wheel will be spun again and the prizes can be doubled or tripled, depending on the space landed on. The wheel can keep on spinning until multipliers have reached the maximum of 20,000x.  

Crazy Time Wheel Explained

The technicolour wheel is a giant wheel that has three different coloured pickers. Make your choice and spin the wheel. The Crazy Time wheel is filled with different multiplier amounts and also includes special double and triple spaces. Wherever your chosen flapper lands is what prize you will get, so you better hope that you land on a good space.  

How to bet on Crazy Time 

If you are looking for a traditional slot game then look again as Crazy Time is nothing like your ordinary slot game. Crazy Time Online Casino features the Top Slot, which are 2x1 reels that will generate a random multiplier for a random bet spot. The Top Slot also has one winning line. The first reel is a space created for bets whilst the second reel is what will give you your multiplier. On the Top Slot, multipliers of up to 50x can be won. 

A bet time of 15 seconds starts where you have the time to pick your preferred bet amount. Crazy Time's range of bets is immense, with the lowest bet being 0.10 and the highest bet going up to 5,000.

The base game also features the Main Money Wheel which is spun at the same time as the Top Slot. In the Main Money Wheel, you need to bet on a number from 1, 2, 5 or 10 and one of the bonus games. Bets can be made on both the numbers and on the four different bonus rounds. If anyone bets on a bonus round, even if it is a single-player, the bonus game will be activated and the players who bet on that bonus game will have the chance to fatten their pocket!

Everyone get to witness the fun and excitement that the bonus games brings. But remember, only those who have bet on the relevant bonus segment will be able to win from it.   

Crazy Time Live Chat 

If you ever need help with anything or something needs clearing up, fear not, as Crazy Time has a specially dedicated live chat feature, where help is only a click away. This live chat feature comes in quite handy if you are still getting used to how this unique game works. Evolution Gaming have made sure help is available for this game. 

How can I bet on Crazy Time?

As soon as the game starts, a Bet Time is started where you are given 15 seconds to pick your bet, from 0.10 to 5,000, and pick what it is you want to bet on! Make your selection of numbers and/or bonus games and let the wheel spin to reveal what you have won.  

How many segments on the Crazy Time wheel? 

The multi-coloured Crazy Time wheel has over 50 different segments which can win you prizes. Each number has its respective colour and almost each bonus game features on the wheel more than once. Cash Hunt has two green spaces on the wheel, Coin Flip has four blue spaces on the wheel, Pachinko has two purple spaces on the wheel and Crazy Time has only one red space on the entire wheel.  

Can I win real money by playing Crazy Time? 

Yes! Crazy Time can only be played with real money as the play is live. This means that Crazy Time is set in a studio and a live dealer spins the wheel. All bets and winnings are paid via real money. 

What are Multipliers in the Crazy Time casino game? 

Multipliers are, in simple terms, how much more money you will get. For example, a bet of 1 is placed and a multiplier of 20x is won. This means that the initial 1 bet is now 20!  

Is it safe to play Crazy Time at an online casino? 

If played at a trusted and safe casino then Crazy Time is safe to play online. The added live chat feature also helps to ease any players mind if an issue arises for those wanting to play crazy time live casino. 

Can I play Crazy Time on my phone? 

Yes, you can play Crazy Time by Evolution Gaming on mobile devices! Evolution Gaming has made the game available across desktop, tablet and mobile, so everyone can enjoy this wacky game. Playing on mobile will not hinder your play since all of the features present in the desktop version are also present on the mobile version.  

How is Crazy Time different than Roulette? 

Crazy Time features various bonus games which help elevate the excitement when compared against a traditional roulette game. Crazy Time makes use of various bonus games and added elements, while roulette is solely focused on guessing the right number or colour on which the ball will land on. 

How many bonus games are there in Crazy Time? 

Crazy Time features four different bonus games which are Coin Flip, Cash Hunt, Pachinko and Crazy Time. Each bonus game can be unlocked with a spin of the wheel in the base game.  

Who created the Crazy Time Live Casino Game? 

Crazy Time Live Casino Game was created by Evolution Gaming. 

Does Crazy Time have a live dealer? 

Yes! Crazy Time happens in real-time via a dealer. The spinning of the wheel and the bonus games are all played in real-time. 

Can you get Live Bonus Rounds on Crazy Time? 

Unfortunately, this game does not have a bonus round feature, but that is something we would gladly trade for all of the exciting features this game has!

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Crazy Time FAQ


Crazy Time was developed by Evolution.


Crazy Time is one of the TV Show themed games offered by Paddy Power.